The Little Helper

Right now in childcare I have three cribs.  All of them are on the main floor of my house.  It’s a lot.  I’ve made a bit of a vow not to have more than three cribs here ever.  More than three in cribs is too much work.

Well…imagine my surprise when I realized that I needed to buy yet another crib.  This one wasn’t for the main floor.  It was for upstairs.

It’s gotten so I have grandkids staying overnight really regularly.  With me doing childcare for Kelli and her working back to back 12 hour shifts she stays overnight here one or two times a week.  On top of that, Lucy needs a crib when she stays overnight here.  So…I bought another crib.

I have this style of crib and I highly recommend them.

I have used them for childcare for years.  You can find them HERE on Amazon.  They are right around $100 depending on what color is picked.  It comes in 4 different colors.  The crib uses portable crib size sheets.  I got mine HERE from Amazon too.  They have cuter sheets but I just buy the solid colored ones.

The cribs are smaller than a standard crib at 39”W x 25”D x 37.25”H.  That really helps me be able to fit several cribs on the main floor.  I have had kids sleep in them until they are two.  Typically by 18 month old all of my childcare kids sleep in the living room with no crib…some do at 12 months.  It just depends on the kid.

Anyway…my crib came to me and it wasn’t assembled.  AHH.  I never realized that before.  The crib has sat in the garage, Kramer unpacked it and brought it in.  I didn’t realize that there was an assembly step that happened that I never saw.  So imagine my surprise when I opened the box and I needed to assemble it.

Luckily Kelli was here that day…and she had a trusty helper.  Carver.

Carver is really smart and knows the letters of the alphabet.  Kelli gave him a piece of paper and told him to help her read the instructions.  She’d make him find an “A”…and then she’d “read” that part of the instructions.

Here she has him screwing in the screw….

Them were a good team.  Kelli is a natural teacher.

Here he’s teasing her.

I’m happy to report that with the help of Neighbor Girl, Carver and Kelli, my crib is assembled and upstairs.

Phew…I dodged a bullet and got out of assembling that.  I’d much rather sit in the rocking chair with Georgia than read instruction and assemble anything.

If you’re a grandma looking for a simple crib, I really like this crib and do recommend it.

6 thoughts on “The Little Helper”

  1. Mary Ann Mettler

    Yes that is a good crib – I still have 4 although 2 are the revamped kind that have the rail the comes down – a no no anymore – I have grandkids though so will keep the two I have for those special visits, and indeed they are special visits! They fold up and store nicely too.

  2. I have had one for 40plus years. We bought it for the second baby because the older one was still in the crib. It has come in handy for all the grand babies

  3. I love Kellis shirt, Aunt Squad! and watching Carver help her out with those tools is just to darn cute. I think you got the better end of that deal, holding Georgia.

  4. Donna Pheneger

    I love these cribs – especially when they move around so easily and that you can brake them too.
    Love and prayers

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