The Little Doggie Dress

Look what I picked up for Georgia at the thrift store….I’m in love with the little scotty dogs.Georgia is such a dog lover.

She adores Rosie.  Some of the big kids are afraid and squeal over Rosie.  Not Georgia.  She is like a magnet to Rosie….

She totally loves Puppycat.  Kelli says that when Puppycat walks around the house, Georgia crawls around after her.  I’m so glad Puppycat is a gently soul.  She seems to love Georgia too.

So…the dress with dogs seemed so appropriate….more than that, I reminded me a dress I wore as a little girl.  It was my favorite dress.

Here’s a picture of me in the dress with my dog Nippy.

The dress had a applique dog with a chain.  Maybe you can see it better in this picture.  Yep…I’ve always had my chubby cheeks.

As I was looking for the picture with the dress, I noticed that so many of the pictures of me have me with a dog…Here’s Nippy again.  This time with Nugget.

This was Nippy again.  She was so good at begging.  I really loved her.
Here’s me on the left, brother Jay to the far right and our cousin Brian in the middle.  In this picture, it’s Nippy, Flipper and Nugget.

Nippy passed away.  She was close to 20 when she did.  Then we got Pugsy.  Here I am with her.

She was a really good dog too.

I’ve been blessed with lots of good dogs.

…but back to the dress.  I hope Georgia has lots of good dogs in her life.  I guess now you can see why I couldn’t pass up the dress.  Between her obvious love of dogs and me having a similar little dress, I was sold.

13 thoughts on “The Little Doggie Dress”

  1. You were SOOOO cute! You still are. Your children and grands certainly look like you too. I enjoyed the pictures.

  2. How perfect. You’ll be able to share those memories with Georgia and be twinsies. She definitely needed that dress.

    I’ll bet your cute cheeks got lots of squeezing in the day. I know mine always did. Your smile is adorable!

  3. Georgia is so cute with her puppies, she is so adorable. I enjoyed the pictures of you threw the years with your dogs and all those smiles. The dress is perfect for her and I hope she looks back at herself wearing her doggie dress and playing with her puppies.

  4. Love the dress for Georgia. The pictures of you with the dogs are very cute – but I am really digging the vest with the fringe that you are wearing!

  5. OK, a couple of comments. You were/are adorable. I love seeing the old farm equipment in the background on that picture of you with your pup in the wagon:) Times have changed!! The picture of you on the couch (or was it a davenport?) with the cat and your pup, I think my sister had the same dress or something very similar!!

  6. Judith Fairchild

    Who could resist that little red dress with the Scotty’s. I have really enjoyed your family pictures. Dogs were important in much of my life. Thanks for sharing the joy.

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