The Laundry Room

We have a small laundry room off the kitchen.  It’s really small being only the width of the washer and dryer together…  On one side of the room we keep the washer and dryer and the other is my sewing machine.

Well while I was laid up with my foot surgery, that room became a dumping ground.  It someone was coming, I’d stuff things in there.  If things had got left on the island and I need island space, I’d dump the things in the laundry room.  On top of that, I had projects I had dragged downstairs before I had my surgery.  I had thought I’d have time to get to a few of them while I was off of work those first few weeks after surgery but, alas, I never got to them.

Childcare projects get thrown in there…We start things one week.  I shove them in the laundry room over the weekend and forget about them the next week.  It’s a vicious cycle.

Well all of that has sat all this time.  I’ve hated to even go in the room.  I run in, do what I have to do and run out.  Yesterday at nap time I told myself I needed to at least pick up a few things and hopefully finish it at night.

I started out with cleaning off the racks.  Typically this is filled with drying plastic bags and drying child care art projects.  I needed to fill it with clothes.


I’ve bought a few LuLaroe things and they need to hang to dry.  I’ve had so much fun with the pieces.  I wear the funky leggings during childcare all the time.  Way to the right are veggie ones.   When I feed babies and am sitting in the chair I often entertain the other kids with my leggings.  I’ll ask them to find a radish, the corn, etc.  If I’m wearing the triangle ones on the left we count how many green triangles we can find.  It’s all silly but it keeps the others entertained while I sit and feed bottles.

Besides that the clothes are super comfy.  I never have to worry about my back or butt showing when I’m crawling around on the floor with the kids.  They are perfect for childcare…

But back to my cleaning adventures…

I found this sewing basket Hubby bought me at an auction.  I had been meaning to clean it but it got buried.

I did stop and take time to clean it.  It was almost like paint speckles on it.

All better now, see?Laundry-2

I unearthed more shirts that needed cutting up…oh my.  I thought I was caught up.


..and look at this gem I found.   My Texas Braid pieces….What?  I didn’t even realize I had lost them.  I knew I was trying to avoid trimming them but lost?  I didn’t want them lost.


and right about then…the kids all woke up and UGH.  I had a mess all over the kitchen island that I shoved back into laundry room.  UGH…and so the cycle starts again.

In my defense a few things did get thrown out or taken to their proper home.  The garbage got emptied and all in all, it’s at least tolerable to enter.  Maybe the weekend will give me a little time to tackle more.  With it being such a small room it shouldn’t be so bad…but it is.  Happily it’s tucked away so it’s not a blaring eye sore.  I think we all have those places in our homes.

Thank goodness I refused the original plan for the remodel.  That was so that the laundry would be an open space right inside the back door with no privacy at all….I knew me, and knew that would never fly.  I know I am like this….

Please tell me that I am not the only one who has a room that they stash things into and is in never clean??

19 thoughts on “The Laundry Room”

  1. My studio. It’s the smallest room in the house and everything gets shoved in it when company comes. Right now, with out of town guests arriving in a few days for the holidays, I barely have a trail through the room.

  2. My sewing room is the one room in the house Hubby won’t clean; he knows better than to edit that one down. He has a much lower tolerance for mess than I do. Or maybe I’m just better at ignoring the mess.

  3. My guest room. It has 2 closets so you know where stuff is stashed when need to clean up quick. come to think of it I am missing a couple of things. Maybe I should do the same thing this weekend! LOL

  4. Right now, my basement (which is where my sewing room is) BUT, I have given myself to the end of the year to de-clutter and tidy it. Good thing I have a week off before my boys get out of school for Christmas break.

  5. My sewing room is my catch all as is my basement area where my long arm is. I have shirts to cut up, and store some of my fabric down there. I need to get more quilts made to use up the extras from other quilts made. I have a couple UFO’s of 1930’s patterns started, but took time out to work on Christmas gifts. After Christmas will work on two twin sized quilts for two adopted boys who are friends of my oldest daughter. I think this is a problem for all quilters to have a clutter area unless you have a big enough space that you can close the door to. What fun would that be if we didn’t have our sewing? That is my therapy, how about you?

  6. I have my sewing room that I really clean about twice a year(after the holidays and early summer) so right now YES it is a mess. But I also have half my basement area with three tables and various shelving and have been attempting to go through all that-I start and stop so it never actually gets all done. My husband just shakes his head and walks away since he knows not to touch any of it LOL!

  7. Mine stash place is the guest room. I need at least a weeks notice for someone to come and stay with us. We are about to embark on a kitchen update/remodel and the designer was over last night and basically she said we had too much stuff and needed to get rid of it all. Not sure I liked that, when I know I told her from the beginning we wanted to use our stuff as much as possible. I will need to talk to her again to make sure she understands us, and if it doesn’t go well maybe she is not the right designer for us. Its good to stick to your style and not someone else’s.

  8. I’m with Dorothy – that describes my whole house. When you live alone – there is no need to really clean – until someone comes to visit. Then Yikes! – I have to at least pick up a few things and throw the rest in a closet and close the door.

  9. I”m with Dorothy and Mary Jo B, the whole house has been a mess. I also live alone
    for the past 40 years, and I don’t see the need to clean for others. But I do plan on
    downsizing before someone reports me for hoarding – my stash. Thanks for sharing.

  10. Our bedroom is on the main floor. That is where all of our extra stuff gets shoved. Also into my sewing room in the Basement. I could clean both rooms for a week and might make some headway.

  11. LOL. I often wonder when I am in someone’s house and it is immaculate, “where do they stash things”? Surely we all have things to stash. I am envious of you being able to stash tings in your laundry room. Our laundry room / mud room is the first room you step into when you come in the door. It’s a constant battle to keep things picked up in there.

  12. For over 50 years, I’ve always call a spare room the ‘For Now’ room. I’d tell the kids (and now, grand kids), “Toss it in the For Now room”. Works for me!

  13. My spare bedroom. Sometimes (read always), sewing projects overflow into there. It doesn’t usually get cleaned unless I know someone is coming and needs to sleep in there. The worst part is when I’m at work and my husband lets me know his dad is coming to stay THAT NIGHT! Then I have to rush home and clean it up, er… out! Yes I think you are right. We all have these spaces in our homes. Just life. :)

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