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If you remember, last time I left you on our house saga Iowa was getting LOTS and LOTS of rain and our plans to get the back 1/3 taken off the house were on hold.  Originally we were supposed to do this Thursday-then Friday-then Saturday- then we figured we’d have to wait until next week…NOT.  We got a call wondering if we were willing to do it on Sunday.  SURE.  Whatever we can do to get this whole process moving along, we’re going to do.

We were supposed to meet at 10 am.  By 10:30 still no excavator.  UGH.  We figured something held him up again.  We knew rain was coming so we wanted to get going.  Then about 10:40 he showed up.

The plan was to dig a big hole in the yard, throw the pieces of the addition into the hole an burn it.  Luckily in our area we are allowed to burn-even in town.  Without that option we’d have had lots more cost into a dumpster.


From there it was time to start on the house.  He started with the corner but it didn’t tumble in so he worked to weaken the house.






Once the addition was off and down he used the excavator to throw the pieces into the hole.





Oh the house looks small now.



As the process happened it got darker and darker and you guessed it…it started down pouring.  The yard is now a mud hole.  I don’t mind or care.  The wood part of the house is off and hopefully by the Fourth of July-if we can avoid the rain-, I just might have a basement.

Right now keep your fingers crossed that the carpenters can get here and get a protective wall built so the good part of the house isn’t exposed to yet more rain forecasted for the week.

I keep telling myself one step at a time.

4 thoughts on “The Latest with the House”

  1. When this is all over, take all these photos and put them in a coffee table book so people who visit can see all the steps that were taken as a part of the process… it will be a lot more fun to look BACK on it after it is all done!!! Hang in there.

  2. watching them knock the house over was a tad tense. Somehow it seems there should be more space between the keep part and trash part. Interesting.

  3. Wow! What a difference! It made me nervous just to look at the photos so I can’t imagine what it was like to see it in real time. It has poured here for the past 3 days and nights with more to come so I can relate. Where’s summer!?!

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