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Each month I work with U.S. Cellular to tell you a little more about smart phone use.

I’ve never really thought a lot about my smart phone in terms of finances but wow, that sure is changing.  Just last week I was walking into the bank and saw that I can make a deposit using my smart phone.  WOW!!  That sure surprised me.  Remember I’m an old dog and this is definitely a new trick but one I am thinking about learning.  Our bank is changing it’s hours so they will no longer be open in the evening on Friday nights (I’ll miss that).  I think it just might force me to learn to use my phone to make deposits….that’s a little scary for me so I think I’d have to enlist some help but lucky for me I have a childcare mom that works at the bank.  If not I think I can muddle through it myself.

In fact, according to a recent U.S. Cellular survey, 47 percent of smartphone users have used their phones to manage their budgets or finances, and 62 percent of users keep track of account transactions, paid bills and deposited checks on their smartphones.

I was reading that managing finances via a smart phone is becoming more and more popular.  I know often Kelli and I will be in the car and she’ll say-“crap, I forgot to pay a bill”.  Next thing I know she has her phone out and the bills all paid.  I’ll admit, I haven’t done that yet but Kelli keeps telling me she’s going to get me to do that.

I am even more amazed at how people are now even filing taxes via a smart phone.  TurboTax Tax Preparation lets users simply scan their W2 and file taxes on their phone.  Unfortunately for me, my taxes are much more jumbled that a simple W2 for for those of you who can, what’s stopping you.  It sounds amazingly simple.  Other companies like H & R Block for iPad and TaxACT Ultimate Bundle have similar apps.

Since we bought the house and I look at finances and savings accounts more carefully I sure wish sometime in my life I would have spent differently.  I think that’s pretty common for anyone who is my age.  The kids are out of the house, retirement is on radar and we wonder where all the money went.  One new app that I am going to check out is P2K Money.  It is a free app that allows people to set up savings goals and keep track of progress towards purchasing items such as a car, bike, computer or even college tuition.  We would like to eventually finish the basement and get the outside deck at the back of the house built.  Both are projects that I’ll have to put money aside and save for.  This app sounds like something I could use.

If you have teens in your home you might want to check out this app the Financial Football app.  It allows teens to have fun playing a virtual sport while learning about financial literacy items, from credit scores to taxes to savings accounts.  It’s never too early to start saving.

When I first got my Galaxy S5 I had no idea all the things a smart phone could do…now it can even tackle my finances.

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  1. I too have a Galaxy S5 and I haven’t figured out all the stuff it can do. I really like that I don’t have to carry a camera with me not that the phone takes pretty good pictures. A lot of people have Facebook on their phone, but I don’t. I only have my email on it. I’ve been doing my budgeting and bill paying from my desktop and will probably keep it there for security reasons as hubby is worried about ID theft. I’ll have to check out P2K Money, thanks!

  2. I highly reccomend mint for finances. it is through turbo tax and has the security of a bamk institution. Ive used it for years. You are able to put ALL of you accounts banking, credit, etc. I find it is more up to date then my credit union and instantly shows me transactions in one place. Smart phones are great tools!

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