The Latest Ruby Saga

I swear, I have never had a dog with so many problems.  Ruby has been a regular at the vet pretty much from the time we got her.  We had her for two weeks and was almost perfect with house training and then was continually having accidents….to the vet she went.  She had a urinary tract infection.

Ruby has put us through a lot of worry and expense….She had her spay and two surgeries besides that.  One was for when a  3″ section of her intestine was removed and then the intestine was stitched back together.  Another was for when they thought it had happened again.


We also had her to the vet for stitches….


Then this winter we had the whole issue with her thyroid and the issues that came with that….

Now, she’s having accidents again.  On Easter Sunday she had two accidents by the door and in the middle of Easter meal, she peed on Kalissa foot.  Well back to the vet.  We got an urine sample.  I thought it would be UTI…but it wasn’t.  It’s never that simple with Ruby.  It turns out she has crystals in her urine.

For that….we have to change her dog food….test again in a month.  Oh my Ruby.

So here she is…showing off her food.

I haven’t gotten the bill yet so I have no idea how much this round is…I don’t really care.  She’s worth whatever the cost, but honestly….she’s been an expensive pup.  I grew up with farm dogs that got a rabies shot when the vet was out and that’s it.  I don’t EVER remember any of our dogs going to the vet…EVER..and we always had a couple dogs.

Hubby is kind of a tough guy and every time I tell him how much the vet bill was he always says, “Well it’s cheaper than another dog and we like this one.”  As long as Ruby isn’t suffering…I’ll keep paying the vet bills.

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  1. Ruby is lucky to be in your family. I grew up on a farm and we always had Airedale dogs and they were pretty low maintenance. Hope the new food does the trick and she is feeling better. (p.s. Kalissa, I’m sorry took it out on your foot) :)

  2. Our four legged family members are so important! She is lucky to have you. Hope she will eat the new food and it works!

  3. Oh Ruby!! I hope that you are back to your old self soon. Have someone give you a big hug and scratch between the ears for me!!

  4. I know what you mean about vet vet vet…. I don’t remember the dogs going to the vet but once a year when the kids were young…..

  5. Awe, poor Ruby. Hope the new food helps her. I had a male cat (many yrs ago) who had crystals. The change in diet did the trick for him.

  6. You are a good pet parent and Ruby is a treasure. Vets offer pet insurance if you have many parents.
    Once one of my cats was sick and checkout was over $800. Came from our vacation savings but he was worth it. He came to our house as a kitten and chose us. We had him for almost 17 years.
    I love Ruby especially in quilt pictures. Feel better Ruby.

  7. My dog is on the same food…she has bladder stones, kidney stones and bladder cancer.
    We are doing chemo for the cancer.

    Yes, she is expensive! But we love our little fur babies, don’t we?

  8. Low our 4 legged friends, I was spending close to $100 a month for drugs for my dear Redman when I needed a new prescription for myself and it was going to be about the same as his I asked my dr if there was anything cheaper so that’s the joke at my house I’ll spend whatever for my dog but for me ahhhhhh

  9. Poor Ruby – she looks so sad in that first picture. Hope she is feeling better soon and doesn’t have to go back to the vet. Hope you are doing well also — especially after your good news about the scan. :>)

  10. The shirt saga cracks me up! I’m in t-shirt mode right now. On a positive note, it’s college t- shirts so there’s a limit on what I’m getting. On a negative note, I can’t stop. I have the 30 or so I’m going to use for my quilt but keep finding them and it’s hard to stop! Found 12 yesterday. When I was in college many years ago, there were no choices. Now, every single one I’ve gotten is different (except one match) and I’ve probably gotten 75 or more so far!

  11. Susan from Kentucky

    Poor Ruby and poor you! I understand. My Tucker seems to have a sensitive stomach. He throws up here and there. Yesterday, two HUGE spots in my sewing room. I felt bad for him when he was crated most of yesterday afterward, but we had to rent a cleaner to clean the carpeting and then to allow for drying time. This is my first “indoor” dog.

  12. I have two dogs that have been eating the same food for about two years. I order it and medicine for cushing disease from it’s cheaper and they do free shipping. My Vet gives me a prescription for medicine and I send to them. I save about $40.00 a month.

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