The Latest on the Cancer Saga

So here’s the latest on my cancer saga.  I say saga as I learned that my cancer had return in fall of 2018….but we’ve waited and tested and waited and tested again and again and again…but we have done nothing but wait.  I guess you could say I’m in limbo.

There was talk about surgery.  There was talk about giving me the radioactive iodine treatment again.  After a pet scan, diet and full body scan, ultrasound, bloodwork and two needle biopsies on different days, the consensus is to wait….again.

We will wait until February time frame.

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February as it is 6 months after I have my last scan.  This will give them something tangible to compare that rogue lymph node behind my trachea to grow or shrink.

If my bloodwork is up again, and if that lymph node behind my trachea gets larger…. I’ll be having surgery.  If after it is removed surgically and pathology shows it is cancerous, then I’d get radioactive iodine treatment.  If not, we come up with another plan.  The thought is that we can’t get to that lymph node behind my trachea….so if we look and see the size has increased, that might indicate that’s where the cancer is.

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It’s getting old but I’m okay with it.  Slightly sad the biggest chunk of this all can’t be tackled in this calendar year while I’ve met out of pocket expense for insurance.  I’m sure I’ll meet next year’s deductible too but still…I wanted to be done with all of this in the 2019 calendar year.  I wanted to be able to write one year, 2019, off as being terrible and move on with my life…but now it drags on into 2020.

I am thankful that I know what the plan is…honestly, that’s mostly what I wanted.  I feel like I’ve been living life on hold.  Now I know that we can get through the holidays without me having surgery.   I know I won’t have radioactive iodine during this time.  I know I don’t have to worry about it for two months or so.  I also know that all the things I’ve been putting off…deep cleaning and organizing needs to get done now.  I always figured that if I got radioactive iodine that I’d have all the time to work on the cleaning and project stuff…well no more waiting on that.  It’s time.

13 thoughts on “The Latest on the Cancer Saga”

  1. At least there is a plan, so you can plan. That’s the hardest part…the waiting and not knowing what’s happening.

    Your weekend sounded lovely. The food looked fabulous. Buck’s house looks welcoming. I hope you’ll be able to visit as often as you want.

    Love and hugs

  2. Oh my, what to do, when we have to wait these things out. My grand daughter went through the same thing when they were looking for uterine cancer. She had to wait until the new year too and if she could have done it at the end of the year, she had already had her quota of deductible money all set, she had to wait until January for the tests and started all over again with getting the deductible up again. It is a shame it has to be like that. She also had to wait 2 months for the test. She didn’t have cancer and I hope all will be good for you too, Jo.

  3. So glad you have a plan, at least for the next several months. Waiting is hard but with a plan in mind it’s more bearable. Of course I can say that because I’m not in your shoes waiting! Take comfort in all the good wishes and prayers being sent your way as you pass the time. At least with the holidays it will mostly be a busy time and that may make it seem to pass more quickly. Bless you!

  4. Best of luck, Jo. I’m learning that these sorts of things never really resolved. My birthday is two weeks before Christmas Eve and I’m having two procedures on consecutive days the week between. It’s been going on since the middle of last November! At least it’s the same calendar year, barring any more surprises.

  5. I’m glad you have a plan. I have a question for you and maybe you’ve mentioned it but have they considered doing an MRI of the brain? I read that thyroid cancer can go to the brain. Its very rare but it can happen. I would have never considered mentioning it it but there is a young man who had testicular cancer in a group I follow on Facebook because of my son’s situation. This young man’s tumor markers kept climbing and they kept doing various tests (including a PET scan) and nothing would show up. He ended up having a horrible headache and had to go to the ER and they ended up doing the MRI and found cancer in his brain. That was unusual too. They did the surgery on it and are waiting for pathology and it just made me think about your situation. His mother just posted about this today. I couldn’t not say something.

  6. Hurry up and wait some more. Yes there is a plan but dang it. Let’s just get this done and over. And deductibles they are a pain. I’m lucky I have great insurance but still I too hurry up and wait and then wait some more to meet the deductible. My heart is with you. Love, hugs and prayers coming your way.

  7. Being in the military in the past, hurry up and wait is a catch phrase we in our family are so familiar with. But, that’s ok. Like everything else, it’s a part of life and you adapt. And at lest you have a plan.
    Keeping you in prayer that when February rolls around, they will have more answers for you.
    Love and prayers

  8. The key is that you have good doctors and they are looking out for you. I had breast cancer last year and delayed getting a mammogram after a biopsy in May. Was supposed to go in August and it was a mix up and I delayed. By October, I had a bigger lump. Wish I had gone sooner but never dreamed I would get it. You take care of yourself! I know you are good at it!

  9. I’m glad there is a plan and that you like your team of doctors, there is a personal calm in having good doctors. You get to enjoy the holidays with your family and Feb will get here in its own time. I’m getting company right before Thanksgiving so I’ve been doing some deep cleaning…….it feels good to get it done.

  10. I pray for you, Jo, and little Gannon. I hope things are improving for him. Prayers go your way for peace of mind and healing.

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