The Latest House Saga

Iowa weather just hasn’t been in our favor throughout this house remodel.  First off we were suppose to be first on the everyone’s schedule this spring….then we had a LONG cold winter pushing back the starts of most everything.  Then we had a wet spring that delayed things even more.

Now when we have all the crews ready to go….RAIN.  Not just little rain…torrential rain.  Reports for our area vary widely…at the time I am writing this we’ve gotten about 7 inches of rain in the last three days and it’s still raining.

If you look in the upper right I put a little purple star on the map..that’s where I live and all the rain you see on the radar is about to move right over us.  We had rain all night.

Hubby’s scanner continues to squawk and report road closures, rescue departments out trying to rescue cattle stranded in high waters, fires due to lightning and the like.  It’s a mess..with more coming.

Not knowing how severe the rains would be this week-on Sunday Hubby started on the next step at the house….Cutting away the old addition so that the excavation crew can come and remove it.  See the gap he’s cut??


Here’s a closer picture.

Well the 7+ inches of rain have poured into the gap.  There is water in our basement…everything is damp.  I don’t really care it effects the part that is being removed but even some of the good part of the house is getting a bit of water as the rain comes in at odd angles.

Sadder that all of that…today was the day for the excavator guy to come.  UGH.  Yet another delay.

As I am writing this my Hubby just called.  They have to go immediately to the meat locker where we have meat.  They are starting to flood and want the meat out now.  I am off to organize the freezers in the basement and they are off to get the meat.

I know I shouldn’t complain…I am safe.  My family is safe.  The pets are safe.  Our jobs are secure.  Others don’t have that…but I guess I’m human and complaining anyway.  SORRY.

If someone know how to shut off the rain..just for a week or so, I’d sure appreciate it.

12 thoughts on “The Latest House Saga”

  1. Jo,
    We live in MN and have had the same thing. It looks like we are “supposed” to get nice weather starting tomorrow. Keep you fingers crossed.

  2. Last May, we got 12-1/2″ of rain in a 24 hour period. My house flooded out and we had to live in a hotel for a week, then find a new place to live because the repairs were going to take too long so they let me out of my lease. I was reading your post and kept thinking, “please don’t say your flooding out, please don’t say you’re flooding out.” I’m actually happy that the problems you’re experiencing aren’t worse! *hugs* I’ll be praying for you!!!

  3. You’re not the only ones. Just talked to Carolyn at Forest Mills. They are closed, water in basement again this year, Has not got to the floor but another mess. no landline or internet. Keeping fingers crossed.

  4. Home remodels are nothing but one frustration after another. It’s so nice when the project is done but until then – yuck!
    Here in SE Michigan, we really need the rain. But it seems to be coming in bunches that the ground can’t appreciate, then nothing again for too long. Rain means more time to quilt though right?

  5. Here’s some perspective…I live in Phoenix AZ and it’s been 108 days since we had any kind of precipitation, and even then it wasn’t very much. Things are very very dry here and we have already had some really bad fires. We’re wishing for moisture and you’re wishing some dryness. It’s amazing to me that we live in the same country and the weather patterns are so different. The weather has just been ‘nuts’ all over the place the last couple of years.

  6. Wish I could take some of the rain off of your hands! Living in Texas!!! We need rain! I hope you can get things in order with the meat and your new house! All that weather up there really is stressful!

  7. Well, if you read my blog, you that we celebrate rain on any kind as much as you hope it will go away. :) Everything in moderation, right? I am so sorry to hear of your rain woes. That is so frustrating!! I posted a rain prayer a few weeks ago, Perhaps you ought to pen a NO MORE rain prayer. Just be sure and specify it for your area! :) Sending dry out prayers for y’all,

  8. That is a lot of rain!! Ours has come in smaller doses and we should appreciate that. Mon. & Tues. were bad days in this part of Nebraska. You no doubt heard on the news about the tornadoes that about wiped Pilger, NE off the map (about 70-80 mi. from me). There was also considerable damage near Stanton, Wisner, Laurel, Wakefield and Coleridge. So many people lost everything they owned. Hope the weather straightens up soon so you can continue work on your house.

  9. So sorry for delays on your house because of weather. We have had very little rain in my part of the South in the past 4 weeks. I wish you could send some our way. Hopefully you will be back “on track” very soon!!


  10. i’ll pop over and take some of the meat off your hands so you won’t have to find a place in the freezer for it!!!! ha ha. life will improve!!!

  11. I certainly wish you could send at least SOME of that rain out west – we are fixin’ to dry up and blow away! I am so sorry that you are getting all that water just when you don’t want/need it! 91 in Reno today where I am visiting my dad with 8% humidity!!! Quite the opposite of you. However, all I can tell you is that the weather will get nice for you…sometime!!!

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