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I’ve had a couple people ask about my thyroid and what was happening with it.  If you’ve missed out, I was told I had a nodules in my thyroid just before Christmas.  I’ve been doctoring to find out what to do about it.  Two are large.  One tested benign and the other tested undetermined.  Well I had an appointment yesterday and here’s the update.

I met with the surgeon in Lacrosse.  He seemed awesome.  He says he has a 99% success rate which is reassuring.  The 1% issue is someone who ends up with a hoarse voice.  They now have procedures to correct that should that happen…so hopefully it won’t be a problem but if I’m that 1% it sounds like we can fix it.  That is one factor that made me say yes to surgery.

I could say no to the surgery for now and have another biopsy done.  That test gets sent to California to a special lab.  Typically 20% of them come back as cancerous.  If it comes back negative, I would then be on schedule to have ultrasounds and biopsies annually to observe changes.  That didn’t sound like fun.

I could have just half removed and then risk the other side going bad later on.  A repeat surgery would have to be done.

We opted for surgery.  It will happen February 25th.  It is a three hour surgery.  Surgery will include an over night stay.   It doesn’t always but we live just over 90 miles away and he didn’t want me riding in a car that long or that far away if there should be a complication.  He said he typically suggests taking a week off.  I asked as in seven days or a week off work.  He smiled and asked me what I wanted to take off.  I said surgery on Thursday and back to work on Monday.  He agreed but asked that I have help on Monday…so either Kelli or Kalissa will stop by and help a bit.  I’m not worried about it as one of my families will be on maternity leave then.

I wish the surgery was happening sooner but am still VERY happy that a plan is in place.

but there’s more news…..

I’m having a colonoscopy this week.  Friday is the big day.  UGH.

My regular doctor had talked with me about it in December at the same time the nodules on my thyroid were found.  I really, really, really wanted to put it off but a couple of years ago when Hubby turned 50 he just stepped right up and did it…no whining or reminding he just did it.

From my point of view it didn’t  look fun but Hubby didn’t complain.  In fact he said he couldn’t figure out why everyone thought it was a big deal.  With his example in mind I made my appointment.  This week I’m on diet of sorts.  It doesn’t get real serious until Thursday.  Then it’s a clear liquid diet and then time for the “clean you out” drink.  That, I’m not excited about as I have trouble getting myself to drink a lot of anything but, I’m going to do it…and hopefully be a good example to all of you.

Colon cancer is one of the most preventable cancers….Knowing that is worth the bother of the colonoscopy.

I’ll let you know how it all goes…well not “how it all goes”.  I’ll let you know about the PROCEDURE.

It seems it’s my turn for lots of doctor trips.  Hopefully six month from now this will all be a memory.

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  1. Jo, I am SO Glad to hear you are doing the colonoscopy! The prep is worse than the procedure, and its not really that bad, you just have to “stay home”, near the bathroom:) I have had 3 already, and I am just now 50. My friend had her thyroid removed for the same reason, and she did fine. Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers for your upcoming surgery, you will do fine too!

  2. A friend with stage 4 colorectal cancer was recently told her last treatment option had stopped working and she has months to live. Compared to that, a colonoscopy is a blessing. I’m 55 and haven’t had one yet. Guess I’d better get off mu duff, huh?

  3. I had the same thyroid surgery. Just be aware you will feel very tired for the first few weeks until the thyroid medicine levels are adjusted to where they should be in your body. Actual surgery and recovery was easy.
    Good luck.

  4. Jo – I’ll keep you in my prayers for the surgery. I have two friends that have had their thyroid removed and are doing just fine. I had my first colonoscopy last year. My doctor prescribed something called ‘SU Prep’ to use the night before. It worked well. I expected to be very uncomfortable with a lot of cramping, but that was not the case! I had to drink a bottle of the SUprep, followed by two water bottles. The water was so cold, I was shivering on the toilet! With this prep, you have to go through the drinking two times. I was better prepared for the second bottle and had my jacket with me! LOL! After the fact, a friend had recommended that I get ‘Tucks’. I wished I’d known before! Even though we use nice toilet paper, my ‘bum’ was a little sore from the wiping!!!

  5. There is a lot of stuff going on with you! And yes you probably need some help Monday and Tuesday…..take your time! Everyone thinks that u just have to take a pill and it’s all Ok, but the truth for many of us in Hypothyroidism. Whether from Surgery, or Hashimotos, you can frequently have other symptoms. I follow a page on FaceBook called Hypothroid Mom. Some of her posts are a little far out…. But a lot has given me thoughts…. I probably was undiagnosed w hypothyroidism for many years b4 it got really bad. Right now I’m maintained on Synthroid, and Thursday I have a Dr appt and I plan on discussing some of my symptoms that are not that bad, but I think my levels are creeping up there again.

  6. Colonoscopy was not the most fun I ever had, but the sweet part of those is that most of the time they can deal with anything they find right then and there. The ramp up to the clear liquids is a counter-intuitive diet. I called it my “Homer Simpson” diet, I could have chocolate donuts, but not fruit. Glad you are forging ahead on the thyroid stuff, too. Good luck on all counts.

  7. Jo, I’m glad you’re taking care of both issues. Since my first colonoscopy at 48, I’ve viewed them as a life-saving inconvenience. You also might want to build in a little extra healing time from the throat surgery… maybe just plan sewing and not working. :) I find that as we get older it takes a little longer to bounce back from any procedure with anesthesia. Listen to your body. Ask for help. Be kind to yourself.

  8. Get that colonoscopy done!!! It is not my favorite way to get through the day, but afterwards, you feel much, much better!

  9. I am a thyroid cancer survivor–total thyroidectomy when I was 40…..Please do take care and have help that Monday and Tuesday too….It is a big shock to your body and you need to be mindful of the stitches on you neck with lifting etc….

  10. Some advice for the Prep Part of the Colonoscopy. 1 – get some very soft bathroom tissue. 2 – Get some petroleum jelly and grease up before you start the process (you should know where to grease up.) 3 – Chill the prep liquid – the colder the better – I’m pretty sure the instructions will mention this. 4 – Check the instructions, but sometimes you can add Crystal Light lemonade powder to the liquid, to modify the taste of the liquid. Good Luck!

  11. Jo, we all care so much about you. Have family around that first week after throat surgery because the anesthesia takes longer to work itself out of the body. Best Wishes!!

  12. I second Mary Jo’s advice to chill the liquid you have to drink; the taste isn’t so bad when it’s chilled. I found that A & D ointment helped a lot, too.

  13. ‘Prevention is better than cure’! Taking the time and the relatively small inconvenience to your routine is so worth it Jo. I have had a few colonoscopies (family history) and the relief felt when given the all clear is liberating. The prep is the worst bit but that is because I don’t like apple juice, soup or jello…but it is only for a day…no worries!
    Best wishes for Thursday and your surgery next month xx Cheryl

  14. I lost my Mother to Colon Cancer when she was just 43, I have out lived her by 12yrs now. I had my 1st Colonoscopy when I was 31, the doctor found polyps the size typically found in a 50yr old woman, had to have one once a year for 4yrs and now thankfully one every 4 yrs. They are very important and you’ve gotten great advice here, I would like to add my tip for drinking whatever nasty tasting drink your prescribed….drink it cold BUT I also do my house work while drinking it to help make me thirsty, oh..and drink that glass down as fast as possible. Your in my thoughts and prayers for all your upcoming procedures.

  15. Good for your husband for setting such a good example!! As I am typing this, you are going through the worst part of the colonoscopy. The procedure is easy since you are asleep! Prayers for your surgery in February! Glad you are eliminating the possibility of further problems with your thyroid.

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