The Latest at the House

We had workers at the house Friday and the cement guys even came Saturday morning.  We have cement garage walls….


We have a basement floor…We even have the beginnings of plumbing in the basement bathroom.

We have insulation blown in and insulation board up on the north side….


on the east side….


and the south side is in progress.  Hubby worked on it today removing part of the upper siding.  His ladder wouldn’t reach high so we left if for the carpenters.


Today we did a lot of clean up work.  We encouraged the workers to not be particularly picky about cleaning up after themselves and we’d do that.  I also worked on cleaning floor boards with Craig.


We worked all day but it’s one of those days that even though we worked all day and did get stuff done, it doesn’t really look that way.  We have four rows way to the right that are ready to be put in…the rest all need work.  Little by little, we’ll get them done.  It’s a really boring job and lately, I’m the one that gets stuck there.  I’m okay with it though.  When I am working alone I just listen to an audio book.

So what’s next…the cement guys have to pour the garage floor, an old room in the basement and the steps then they are done.  I am hoping that by Wednesday they’ll be done.

For the carpenters they’ll finish with the insulation and insulation board on the house then I am not sure what’s next.  For me…those floor boards keep calling my name.  I’m guessing that’s where I’ll be stuck until I am done.

For a week’s worth of work, we’ve come a LONG way fast.  I hope it keeps going good.

5 thoughts on “The Latest at the House”

  1. When it is all done and you can sit back and put your feet up and see what you have done–well what an accomplishment! You will be able to enjoy it and know you cleaned every one of those boards and I for one cannot wait to see it all done! :) Enjoying your house progress right along with you!

  2. Jo,

    You make me exhausted just reading your activity, can’t imagine how you feel getting into bed at night, plus your hubby. It is starting to take shape nicely. You may be in by Christmas.

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