The Latest at the House

The carpenters fought some not so good weather this week.  One day was rain and the next high winds and cold that gave everyone a taste of the weather right before it snows.  They did manage to get some work done though.

The porch is done as much as can be done for now.

From there they went on and put some insulation board on the addition.  It looks kind of cool to us as now there’s not an obvious line between the old house and the addition.


But look here…this is the best news.  We’ll have a garage before long.  The walls are up but now they have to go back and roof the part of the addition that is only single story and then the garage roof will go on too.

We got a chance to talk to one of the carpenters last evening.  It sounds like they will be here until the roof is done and the bathroom in the basement is framed up.  Then they’ll be leaving..WHAT??  I know.  I thought the same thing.

From there the plumbers and electricians will come in.  We did meet with the plumber last evening….word from him is that he thinks they’ll be at the house in two weeks.   I asked how long it takes from them.  It sounds like one strong week to do the brunt of the work and possibly a little more to do the details.

He did ask what our time frame was.  I assured him Christmas was my hope…he of course said, “Oh!”  It wasn’t a promising “oh”.  He did say that he would pass that date along to the electrician.  UGH.

This conversation made me a little sad….okay.  I lied.  It made me a lot sad.    As the house gets more and more done I want more and more to be there and not here….I know patience.  I am just bad at that….I guess this is the lesson I am being taught…patience, Jo, patience.

5 thoughts on “The Latest at the House”

  1. the last bit of the run to reach the finish line is always the hardest part of the race, but it’s also the shortest!
    Be encouraged–your dream of living in your new home is just around the corner. Each day now brings you one step closer to achieving that dream!


  2. we are having work done on the outside of our house while we live here , messes up our routine but will really look good when they get through.I hope they get you’ll in by Christmas. If you can just get them there they could do it.

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