The Last Song

Over the weekend I finished…The Last Song by Nicholas Sparks. 

For me, I think it was the best Nicholas Sparks book yet…and I have really loved most of them.  It’s a great story that intertwines the lives of a dad, estranged teenage daughter, and a summer that brought them back together.  It is definately worth a read.

 Now, for the delemia….They are making this book into a movie.  Miley Cyrus plays the daughter and after reading the book, I can totally picture her as the main character Ronnie.  But, we all know what movies can do to books….they change them.  Will the movie be as good as the book?….Will they completely change it?  The book is SO good….will the movie ruin it? 

Well, from the ad, it looks like I have until April 2nd to decide whether I will go to movie.

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