The Last of the Cement Reports

So this is the last of the cement reports unless I write a post about paying the bill!  HA!

Here is how the back ended up looking.  You can see the back patio is a mess already.  Well that’s a sign we are using it and we are.


We ended up putting a raised slab in.  I am so happy.  Of course it didn’t take long for one of the childcare kids to take a dive off the edge.  We’ll be bringing in more dirt but haven’t decided exactly what to do yet.

Coming out the kitchen door there will be one step.  I wanted a concrete one but I was over ruled.  He wants composite board.  I didn’t argue.  There’s time for that after he gets out of the field.  There’s Ruby watching me taking pictures and mad she’s not out with me.


At the garage entrance we won’t need a step.  I am happy for that.  There’s a lip we’ll have to watch our step crossing though.


The night they poured it Hubby went outside and then came back in.  He told me he wrote something in the cement.  Earlier in the day he said I could have the childcare kids put their hands in the cement but I decided not to.  As much as I love the kiddos, this is my cement and my house.  Childcare kids will come and go but I plan on staying.  If there was anything, I wanted it to be about me.  I couldn’t think of what to do in the cement so I just didn’t do anything….this was all Hubby’s doing.

AWWW…wasn’t that sweet??  I love it. Almost 29 years together and he still apparently loves me…at least enough to write it in concrete!!

We ran some cement around the extra garage too.

Plans are to put a bench along the side and possibly a pot of flowers.

We have so much outside work that needs to be done.  I am hoping that we get some time soon…first I’d really like to get feeling better…and of course he needs to done in the field.

For now, that’s the latest note on any house progress….

4 thoughts on “The Last of the Cement Reports”

  1. Lesley Gilbert

    I love your red furniture – it looks really comfy – and of course the heart in the concrete made me smile :) Hope you recover soon so you can sit outside and enjoy it.

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