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When we moved to the house I had this area.  I went to the nursery and said, “Show me the shade plants.”  I’ve never had shade and knew little about shade plants.  I ended with astilbe plants, bleeding hearts and a few other things.

Two years have passed and I hate it.  The bleeding hearts got over grown.  They look beautiful in the spring then die off mid summer leaving HUGE holes in the landscaping.  UGH.  In this picture the bleeding hearts were already starting to die.

You can see in the back ground of this picture how overgrown they had gotten.

The fern things were taking over.

I had enough and decided it was time to fix it.  I dug out the bleeding hearts and some ferns and Hubby dug out that nasty climbing rose.  (I wrote about that rose bush here)  I rose bush had tried to come back this year and bugs ate it to the quick.  There was nothing left of it which made the decisions of getting rid of it so much easier.

I went to the nursery and to WalMart and started to fill in all the places I had gutted.  A shepherd’s hook and bird feeders happened first.  I’ve always wanted some and I’m hoping the childcare kids will love it.  Any advice on getting birds to come would be great.

Then Hubby put the school bell in cementing it in place so it’s safe….See?

Here’s the finished look which you can’t see the best due to lighting.

It’s a little sparse looking right now as the plants all need to fill out.  In general, I’m okay with it now.

I ended up with quite a few astilbe….there are impatients along the border.

I think this chair will get a coat of white paint before this is the permanent home for it.

Now I need a rain to come and wash the dirt off the sidewalk.

It’s not grand or like most landscape as I’m leaving the dirt.  I’ve never had much luck with wood chips or rock….  I’ll try to remember to give you an update Septemberish when it will have filled out some.  For now, I’m just so thankful it’s this far done.

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  1. I like pine straw for mulch. It lasts longer than wood chips. Cedar chips are okay too for me. Pine straw will make the soil acidic so check to see if your plants like that before
    you add any. Also remember whatever seeds get dropped from the bird feeder will sprout but I love watching the birds. Your place looks very inviting and relaxing. Love the bell!

  2. On the north side of our garage, I have a rhododendron, wild ginger, lily of the valley, dog tooth violets, jack in the pulpit, hellebores (mine are old, the new ones are showier, but they are early bloomers) and daylilies (get reblooming ones if you can). Check at garden club plant sales for things that will grow in your area. I’m zone 5.

    The garden remake looks good.

  3. If they grow in your area, hostas are wonderful plants for shady area. They come back year after year and don’t require extra work. Begonias are also pretty. You got a lot accomplished! Will the children be able to look out that window at the bird feeder? That’s fun. You can get a film (comes in a sheet) to put on the inside of you window so the birds can’t see you at the window.

  4. I second the hosta recommendation. I have many varieties from 3-5″ leaves to large ones with 12-14″ leaves. They come in many colors and in variegations of greens, yellows, blues and white.
    My largest one is at 3ft high and 4-5 ft. wide. My smallest is 6″ high and 12″ wide.
    If you plant medium to large hosta on each side of your bleeding heart, they will fill in the space when the bleeding heart fades back. I could send you some photos if you want.

  5. Janet Melanson

    I triple the hosta suggestion..but then I love hosta and there are over 250 varieties. I also have a lot of shade in some of my gardens and have found heuchera (coral bells) to be great shade plants. They also come in great colors . I like what you’ve done already

  6. Jo, There is a product on the market called Bayer Insect treatment for shrubs and trees. It can be bought in the big box stores. It is under $15 for about 2 qt size container. It is systemic and it goes through the plants and the Asian Beetles hate it. Anything in the rose family, Roses, Rose of Sharon, Crab apple trees to name a few are helped by this once a year treatment. It isn’t harmful to animals or kids if washed into the soil.

  7. Carolyn Sullivan

    I will be happy to dig you up some Hostas, I have a few varieties. most are done blooming, but I have some that should be starting in a couple weeks. The Deer are brazen, and come on up to the house to eat them.
    They do not how ever eat he bleeding hearts. Which do as you said die out, right about the time the Hostas are up fully. Let me know.

  8. I have good luck with day lilies in the shade and of course, hostas do well also. Most perennials need dividing over time. You have done a beautiful job so far:)

  9. Myrtle and vinca, english ivy, are some plants I have had luck with. The vinca is like impatiens, but it doesn’t look “hot”.
    I think you need to be able to see the dirt some. It rests the eye, gives space and air to the plants.
    So GLAD you got rid of that crown of thorns rosebush!!!!
    That hanging basket made me think it was a water faucet. I was going to suggest a small fountain or birdbath outside that window would be a great idea too.

  10. It looks good! I have to laugh about your bell. I just dug out mine to extend my pTion. My dad had put it in for me years ago and I dug and and dug. There was 3 feet 6 inches of galvanized pipe in the ground! No cement needed. I actually bent the pipe trying to get it out! Lol!

  11. Birds like a water source (bird bath maybe); needs to be cleaned and filled regularly. And someplace safe to perch nearby. If you have hawks or cats (even outside house cats), they will stalk your birds.

    But once you start feeding and are regular about it, they will come.

    I echo the Hosta suggestion. They take a few years to fill in, so they aren’t ‘instant’, but they come in so many colors and patterns of leaves and sizes. The flowers aren’t much, but you grown them for the foliage. They tend to attract deer and slugs to munch on them, so they aren’t for everyone.

  12. We feed black-oiled sunflower seeds to the birds. The mixed seeds tend to have a lot of seeds that just fall to the ground. We get a good variety of cardinals, chickadees, titmouse and downy woodpeckers. Have you thought about putting out a hummingbird feeder, with all of your flowers this would be fun for the childcare kids to see as well.

  13. Black oil sunflower seeds or safflower seeds will bring cardinals, blue jays to the feeders. If you have the right size hole in your feeder for thistle seed you will get chickadees, blue birds, and goldfinch to feed. I also think a bird bath would be a nice addition and the kids will see them splashing and taking baths. I love your new updated flower bed and the chair is a cute addition along with the bell.

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