The Kramer Bike Saga

At one point when the kids were growing up we lived in Lawler in town.  The kids had bikes and used them a little bit but not a lot.  They were more inclined to roller skate than bike.  The only kid who did use their bike was Kelli and that was for the news paper route she managed.  Hubby just hated the bikes laying around and not being picked up so the second they didn’t seem to be riding the bikes, Hubby was plotting on how to get rid of them.

Then we moved to the farm.  I thought the kids would ride bike more there…wrong.  They rode bike less.  Kelli no longer had the paper route and we lived on a busy road.  Again Hubby and both now wondered why we had all these bikes and plotted on how to get rid of them.

All of the bikes were gone and most of the kids were gone, all except Kalissa.  We were at the local thrift store one day and there was a bike.  There hadn’t been on around our house for awhile as Hubby and I had gotten rid of them.  Kalissa now 16 begged and begged offering to pay for it with her own money.  She claimed she would ride it to the neighbor girls house.

She got the bike.  Hubby yelled.  She didn’t ride the bike.  It sat for several years.

Our son Karl moves to Decorah and says he’ll ride the bike there.  Hubby says take the darn thing.  I forget about the bike..out of sight out of mind.

Then about two weeks ago I got thinking about Ruby.  It’s no secret, Ruby loves the childcare kids but she also really misses the time she could run at the farm.  She needs exercise.  My schedule doesn’t always allow for a long 3 mile walk like she’d love.  I thought about getting a bike and doing with her what I did with my dog when I was a kid.

The picture is me with my dog Pugsy.  I would hook Pugsy up to the lease and hook the lease to my bike.  I would ride my bike and Pugsy would run along by my side.  She loved it-I loved it.

I wondered if I got a bike could I do this with Ruby.  She could run along side.  I could exercise her good and it wouldn’t take nearly as long…but spending money on a bike not knowing if it would work or not wasn’t something I wanted to do and worse than that…I didn’t dare say anything to Hubby.

I had half forgotten that I done this with Pugsy until one day my brother was visiting and he said he did it with his beagle.  That’s when I dug around to find the old picture of me and Pugsy.

Now our son Karl decided to go back to college at UNI.  He’s getting his teaching degree.  I went to move him the garage sale week when I was so sick.  He had to have a pickup and I was the only one so I went.  We had the truck loaded and he said wait….I still have to put the bike on the load.  He said he didn’t want it anymore and I should just put it on the garage sale.  I said okay.  Then as I was driving the truck home I said…WAIT!   I WANT THAT BIKE!!

So Wednesday night before the garage sale, even thought I felt crappy, I hooked Ruby up and gave it a try.  I figured if it didn’t work I was putting the bike on the garage sale….

Ruby did pretty good.  Good enough to keep the bike and for me to work with her a bit.  She loves it…I like it too.  I can get out and ride for 20 minutes and Ruby gets a good work out.  Normally in 20 minutes we’d only walk a mile and Ruby wasn’t satisfied.

We’ve been out several times with the bike now.  It’s not a relaxing ride yet.  I have to keep a really good watch on Ruby.  She saw a rabbit once and bolted crossing in front of the bike.  She crossed in front of the bike another time too.  That’s kind of dangerous but we managed it.  Each time we go out it’s a little better.

I need to find a thinner leash that’s not so bulky to hold and I have to continue correcting her if she starts sniffing too much.

So what does Hubby think of the bike??  He said he didn’t care if I kept it “as long as I kept it picked up and actually used it”…So far I’ve been a good girl and I think I’ll continue to be.  I really enjoy it and think as we keep going out it will get better and better.

Now I am thinking I’d really like a basket either on the front or back so I could transport something if I want….hmmmm….I better wait a couple weeks before I approach that subject with Hubby…

…and that my blog readers is the Kramer bike saga.

12 thoughts on “The Kramer Bike Saga”

  1. over here in the Netherlands, we are used to riding bikes from a young age on. when i was 12 and switched schools i had a 15 km ride in the morning and a 15 km ride in the evening going back home again and i loved it [ as long as it wasn’t darn cold or raining ] My 10 y.o goes to school on her bike and we are trying to learn our son to ride a bike aswel, he is 6 y.o but has a disability… my husband goes to work on his bike… so yes we have 4 bikes in the shed but we are nothing special in this country… almost everyone has a bike and uses it a lot…. and riding a bike with your dog is a wonderfull time to be with your dog, you cover more ground and she gets more excercise ! a win-win situation i think!

    love to read your blog, kep on blogging!
    hugs from the Netherlands

  2. I have always enJoyed biking. I wanted to learn to run with my boxer doG but found out quickly my knees could not run, so back to biking my boxers loved it. Then my one boxer went blind and she could no longer safely run along with the bikes. But she would follow the sounds of bikes when she heard them. I know have a dog trailer on the back of my bike for my blind boxer and ride with my other boxer running next to my bike. Everyone is now happy.

  3. Yep, you do need a basket for your bike. With hot weather ahead, you’ll need a water bottle…and a small towel to wipe the perspiration…and who knows what else you’ll need to tote with you. Def need a basket! Maybe a white one with a flower or two attached!

    haha – Enjoyed the Kramer Bike saga!

  4. Make a basket for our bike. Make it out of scraps and quilt it like you would a purse. Build the bottom up with plastic needlepoint canvas and tie it on the bars. If need be it can be washed that way. Chris

  5. I think you need to get a fringed vest like the one in your picture with Pugsy. What a great way to exercise. I don’t know how you can fit one more thing in your day, but you do inspire! Thank you!

  6. Oh and you totally stuck with the purple theme! I LOVED that banana seat bike because you let me ride behind you sometimes. :) I already have the bike in my garage, just need the dog!

  7. I got a new purple and cream Schwinn for my birthday. I have asked for a basket. I usually ride where ever I can until it gets cold again. This Spring has been pretty wet here, but I can’t wait to ride, ride, ride. I ride it a mile to the grocery store and back. I LOVE it when I can pedal it to the library and fill it up with books! My husband collects bikes like I collect fabric and vintage sewing machines!

  8. I like your story. Just yesterday I asked my Hubby if I could buy a bike and he said no. I’m a notorious faller-downer. I tore the quad tendon in my right leg in 2011 and it took a long time to heal. I spent 3 months in a cast from the top of my leg to down past my toes. Did I mention I also broke some bones in my ankle. I know he’s right about the damage that would happen if I fell off of a bike so I will live vicariously through you and Ruby

  9. Love your Bike Saga. Had to laugh imagining Ruby running in front of you on the bike. What a disaster that could have been for both of you. You def need a basket. Can’t wait to see what you come up with for the basket.

  10. Josie McRazie

    We camp (a LOT) and at one of the ground we frequent we do this with our dogs! One is a Chihuahua/Cocker Spaniel mix only about 17 lbs the other is an Austrian Shepherd / Malamute mix at about 70lbs! LOL. We use the retractable leashes for them! I like them better so they don’t get all tangled! They do sell one that is meant for a bike, but I have never has a problem using ours we bought at petsmart.

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