The Kitchen Reveal

I have gotten so many notes and comments from readers wanting to see a few new house interior pictures.  For a bit I wait until it’s done.  Then I thought no aren’t that patient, and let’s face it, it will likely be years before the house is really done.  So for now, this is as done as the kitchen is.

If you remember, you know that I’ll be starting childcare soon so all of that is getting set up and in place too.

When I took the picture I was standing in the dining room.  To the left is the cupboard Hubby bought.  The baker’s cabinet in the center is half of our island.  Hubby and I refurbished that.  The childcare table just got brought in from the garage and needs a good cleaning which is on tomorrow’s agenda.

The kitchen looks a little crowded in the picture but it really isn’t.  I should have taken a picture so you could see what it looks like to the left but I’ll save that for another day.

The flooring that you see is all of the flooring that we pulled out of that old farm house.  It cleaned up really well.


I absolutely LOVE the kitchen.  It’s my work place and it’s very easy to work in.  I love the layout…and doesn’t it look like it’s old??

From the shot below you can see how Hubby designed the baker’s cabinet to be the perfect height and size to but up to the butcher block to create our island.  He did an amazing job.  I am proud of him!

You might remember that I wasn’t sure how I felt about the red counter tops.  That has completely changed.  I love them too.  I took this picture so you could see how the cabinet builders did with matching the cabinets.  The upper with the glass doors is the vintage piece we found and bought for $300.  The lowers and the cabinets to the left were all built by our cabinet maker.  We are pleased with them.

It’s fun to have the vintage look of the uppers with the modern features and functions of the lowers.  The cabinet in the middle under the mixer is a pull out garbage.  I love that too.

Opposite the stove is a antique wash stand we had.  I didn’t want the microwave on the counter and this was a compromise Hubby and I came up with.  At one time we thought to have the cabinet makers build a built in on this small wall that would house the microwave but we nixed that in a round of budget cuts and I’m am really glad we did.

The red box on top was one of the first vintage pieces I ever bought.  It now houses our silverware.  It works great for it.

To the left is the laundry room.  It needs work yet.  I am hoping that in the next week or so Hubby will put a cabinet in above the washer and dryer.  On the right of this picture you can see the side of a cabinet.  Remember the one Craig and I stripped??  The one I re-injured my wrist working on?

Well here it is now….

The cupboard looks so good. It’s better than I expected.  If you don’t remember it’s original state, here’s a link back to a blog post that shows it then.  Again it’s something that needs some work.  When we took it in for them to stain and varnish we had to remove the pulls and hinges.  Of course they were painted and some didn’t make it.  We’ve been looking for new hinges locally but haven’t found any.  We haven’t did an online search yet.  That’s on the long list of things to just hasn’t happened yet.

Remember the cute chicken canisters that Kalissa bought me.  They found a home too.

There is lots to do yet.  The doors and windows all need trim.  The kick plates under the cabinets need to be installed.  We planned on a door for the laundry room too.  All this will happen with time and honestly, that part doesn’t bother me a drop.  The things in the house that bother me are the storage places that need to be put in place.  I’d love for the selves to be up in the broom closet…in the laundry my bedroom closet…oh I won’t even go on with the list.  Thankfully Hubby is really handy and he’s gradually getting to things.

The only thing that isn’t our favorite about the kitchen is the lighting.  Originally we had asked the electrician to put in another light over the table, that didn’t happen.  We didn’t notice it until it was a little late in the construction.  We decided to give it a try without it….wrong choice.  We didn’t really want any fancy under the cabinet lighting or recessed lighting as that didn’t seem to “go with our vintage look”.  We really wanted a ceiling fan in the kitchen.  We love them and use them a lot.  It turns out they are almost impossible to find with the ability to illuminate with four bulbs or with high wattage bulbs.  I thought we should get a different fan but Hubby loves this one.  We’ve investigate a bit and think we found something to try by the cabinets.  It’s back to when does Hubby have time for that too.

We both LOVE the kitchen.  I’d say 80% of our awake time is spent in the kitchen so it’s good that we love it.  We know it’s not everyone’s style but it is our style….and by the way, I especially love my low window in the kitchen.  Ruby does too.  I wouldn’t change it even if I could.

There you have it…a small kitchen tour.  Watch for later this week, I’ll try to get a few more pictures so you can see how things are when entering the kitchen from the other direction.

24 thoughts on “The Kitchen Reveal”

  1. When you are out and about again in Rochester, (MN),try the Old Rooster Antique shop. They carry a nice amount of hinges and drawer pulls that are of the vintage look. Remember to bring one with to compare. Love your “new” home!!

  2. I love your kitchen and I am a Vintage person myself, I live in a 70’s house where all the hardware is solid brass, I have cleaned most of it and wow, love it.. Your floors are so pretty.

  3. I love your kitchen. The floors turned out beautiful. If I ever get to Iowa to visit my brother and sister, I might have to stop in and say hi!!!!! They live in Cedar Rapids and Robins.

  4. Just lovely! You and your family breathed new life back into a house worth saving. Great work. You should be proud.

  5. It looks like you’ve lived in it for a hundred years. You’ve put so much work into it and it shows!.Truly a kitchen that will be the heart of the home! Its fabulous!

  6. Rose E. Glassses

    You are so Creative! Everything turned out so well thought out! I am loving your white appliances….keeps it cheerful. Red is a good neutral, right??? I personally have a splash of red neutral in my home too. Your wood finishing skills are professional! Happy spaces!

  7. Thanks for the kitchen tour! I’ve been patiently waiting for it! I’m glad you love your new home. I’m looking forward to seeing the rest of the rooms as you get time to show them off!

  8. Love, love, love your kitchen! You and your hubby pulled together some great ideas, furnishings and accessories for an amazingly decorated and practical kitchen that is warm, cozy and farmhouse feeling. The warmth of the wooden cabinets and floors with the red counters and accessories is really working. The white of the appliances and .lightness of the walls adds sparkle and keeps things from getting too dark and dreary. Your cabinet guys did a fabulous job. All of your touches of red really tie everything together beautifully. You did an outstanding job on the floors! I want to come cook with you in that kitchen! LOL! The outside of your home is beautifully done too. Can hardly wait to see what you do with the rest of it.

  9. I love, love, love your red counter tops and large eat in kitchen. It is funny but we women always set up and organize the kitchen first. It is truly the heart of the home. I would love to see your adventures from the beginning of purchasing your home but can’t find where it starts. Can you give me an idea where to start?

  10. Jo, you and your family have done an amazing job of mixing old with new in your hard work to refurbish what otherwise might be trash. Bless you for conserving vintage hard work and preventing it from becoming landfill fodder all the while minimizing expense. A way of life lost on so many in today’s culture. Enjoy the result of your sweat (and no doubt, a few tears). :-)

  11. I have to admit it, I wasn’t real sure about your choice of red for the countertops. But now that I see it I love them! What a great kitchen! and I am deeply envious of the “pantry”. Thank you so much for showing us! I am loving your new home.

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  13. It’s very homey and charming. You did a good job.
    I have a friend who was widowed. He home interior was hunter green and maroon with ducks. When her husband died, she decided to decorate as she saw fit. Soon everything was pastel with lots of pink. The bathroom was completely remodeled and she installed a crystal chandelier in there. Like it so much that she has a chandelier in her garage! She likes her new surroundings, and I can see that it makes her happy.

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