The Kitchen Almost has Cabinets

The carpenters were back at the house Tuesday afternoon and much of Wednesday.  Their task, kitchen cupboards.

When they left on Tuesday it looked like this.

The upper piece with the glass doors is the piece we bought.  It was $300 for the piece.  It’s in awesome shape.  We had the cabinet maker make the lower cupboards and the cupboards to the left with the intention that we wanted them to match.  The actually look wonderful together.  I am super happy with the job that the cabinet maker did.

There are a couple things I would change about the whole thing but for the most part, I’m happy with it all.  When the original small window was ordered that you see straight ahead, I think everyone thought that the ceiling in the kitchen wasn’t going to be so high.  The ceilings are higher making the space above the window awkward.  We discussed it for some time tonight.  The window of course will get some trim around it.  Still there will be about 4″ of wall there.  I don’t like that.  I suggested we just get a board stained and finished the same as the cupboards and put that in the “wall” area.  So far, that’s our favorite suggestion.

Now that I see the cupboards done I am partly wishing I didn’t go with the counter tops with the red and silver trim.  I love the cupboards and I love the counter top.  I just don’t love them together. Hubby is head over heals with it though.

I didn’t want anything modern and I definitely didn’t want granite…I wanted something old feeling.  I had always loved the counter tops that Hubby’s mom had-the same as mine.  I’m just not sure that these all go together the best.  It’s something I can easily live with for awhile though-because like I said, I love them both, I just don’t feel confident about them together.

I’ll know more in time to come once all the handles get on and the appliances and floors are finished.  I know all along there have been things that weren’t my favorite that I’ve grown to love and things that I love but after a bit later I found flaws with.  I do love the layout and all of those who didn’t like my big long window…that I still love!!

Watch for another update when they get a little farther along….

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  1. pam in illinois

    Jo, I think it is coming along great! A suggestion about your small window. If you plan on curtains, you could just make a valance for the top and mount it up to the bottom of the upper cabinet. It wouldn’t close off any of the light thru the window and it would make the window look larger. I have all my valance mounted high so no light is cut off. Just a suggestion.
    We had counters like those when I was growing up. pam

  2. This is going to be great! The countertops will balance out when you get the appliances and island installed. I love the big window too

  3. I love the counters and the cabinet. I have seen on Pintrest some folks putting color on the boards behind glass cabinets. I wouldn’t paint it but you can cover a board and push it back to just bring the color up. But I love the way it is coming along.

  4. Love the cabinets and the countertop. When you get everything else in place, it will be perfect together. I like Ruth’s idea of quilt blocks or pictures above the window. Your house is going to be fantastic!

  5. What did you use for the floors? We will be doing our kitchen this summer. We are farmers coming in from a patio door. Lots of traffic.

  6. I’m enjoying your house progress almost as much as I enjoy seeing your quilts. Great job on the painting and sanding! You have saved a ton of money by doing it yourself!

  7. Your going to have grandchildren sooner or later… That spot above the sink screens to me for a homemade sign. “Wash your hands and say your prayers, cause god and grems are everywhere” :-)

  8. Your going to have grandchildren sooner or later… That spot above the sink screams to me for a homemade sign. “Wash your hands and say your prayers, cause god and grems are everywhere” :-)

  9. On the small kitchen window subject, how about hanging a valence up there? Hang it high so that the bottom edge just conceals the very top of the window. I think it would give the visual appearance of the window being taller than it actually is. I love the sign idea though!

  10. put the board as you mentioned across above the window and then put a shelf there to line up with the shelves on either side… it would look like one long shelf

  11. WOW!! FANTASTIC!!!! Love the cupboards and the floor! I would make some Roman Shades to go over that window…and have that space over the window as their pull up space. That way your pleats look like part of the window and you get all the light. Give the illusion of a bigger window and you lose none of the actual light. I made Roman shades for my kitchen and love them! Easy to use and easy to make and take less fabric than normal curtains.

  12. I love it–I agree with everyone—I think when everything gets in and you put all your things out that you will love it ….and your floors are so pretty!!!!!!

  13. I second the window valance mounted higher than usual. It lets more light in and will fill the void. Being a quilter, you can make a quilted valance!

  14. Jo, in my space there is a valance between the cupboards and under-the-counter lighting behind. It finishes the space and adds that extra bit of light when needed. The other suggestion is to put a small shelf with nick nacks or spices or some such to finish the area. Looking good so far. Love that you are sharing your journey with me.


  15. Is there going to be a light fixture over sink? If so could be wall mounted or as suggested shelf, valance or shade on suspension rod. Looking wonderful! Love the long window! Natural light keeps room from being too dark! Love the red!

  16. I love the cabinets and the red counter tops, they look great together. I agree with your Hubby, going to be a wonderful fun family kitchen.. It’s getting there, hang on.

  17. Cool countertops!
    About that window – how about a valence mounted just under the upper cabinet, and just long enough to cover the window frame but not cover much of the glass. It will make it seem like your window goes all the way up to the upper cabinet.

  18. i love your kitchen so far.. remember back in the day when lots of kitchens were red and white including the appliances. if that empty wall space bugs you, put a shelf and load it with roosters (to connect with the red) or other vintage items you might collect. my dh and i had a hard time agreeing on house items also.

  19. I son’t know if I’m looking at the correct window or not as I see a good sized, double-hung window. Have your seen the quilt hangers that have a rod for the quilt and a ledge aboe the quilt? In my kitchen I’m thinking of getting one that is a little bit wider than my window. On the rod I could hang a valance or a lace curtain. On the shelf which is connected, you put china or small baskets or whatever. I have one in my dining room. It has space for a 60″ quilt. The shelf is about 5″ wide and extends longer than the quilt. There is a groove in the shelf so plates can be placed theree and the groove would help to hold the plates. Usually I have small baskets on my shelf. If you want me to email you a photo, let me know. Thanks for lettingmus see how your house/new home is progressing. I love all eht wood, especially the wood floors.

  20. I vote for not more wood. It looks really wonderful. I think something quilty would be great there or a bought or made sign with a something significant to the journey to getting it all done would look great and draw att’n up past the window. It really looks nice. I don’t know how you have the energy to just keep working and working. I’m exhausted just reading. Glad you are so near the end and ready to move in.

  21. Jo, I think you will like it all better when it is done with all the knick-knacks and necessaries placed around. They will tone down that red. I had a thought about the space above your window. Why no put a shelf there for some of your dearest ‘things’. I like it and I’m sure you will also. A curtain will also soften the area. Congrats on the progress.

  22. Cindy Wienstroer

    When I saw the space above the window – thought that might be a space to continue the shelves across from either side. You will love and be proud of all the work you have done. Love the idea of the sign – cute and to the point (if they can read!).

  23. The suggestion for a curtain with valance is a good one, If it were mine I would put in a small open shelf for some of my favorite things instead of boxing it in with a cabinet.

  24. Love your warm, brown country cabinets with the old-fashioned red counter tops against the cool counterpoint of the light cream walls. Your wood floors will also lend warmth and coziness, farm-country style! I love the already stated ideas of either a shelf above your window or an old, antique sign appropriate for a kitchen. You may already have something that is appropriate, It seems that warm red, cream, and light tan accessories and kitchen necessities would tie your brown cabinets and red counters together beautifully. Seems you recently collected some old fashioned canisters? Perhaps they have a bit of red and cream in them? Have loved seeing your house come together. Thank you for taking us along on the journey. Looking forward to seeing the house finished and taking further journeys with you.

  25. Just another thought. I have a nice, large window over my kitchen sink that has a wonderful, sunny view. But it is so large and high, that it is hard to reach and open, so it never gets opened. Perhaps your smaller window might be a blessing in disguise?

  26. It must feel so good to be this far along on your house! I have some signs that I put over a similar place in my cabinets & above my pantry door…they are about 4″ tall and about 24-30″ wide and are pretty common on etsy/decor stores. I like to change them out seasonally… one of these days I’ll get valance up there!

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