The Joys of Gravel Roads

A post from Kelli–

So there are good things about living in the country…and not so good things. One of those is having a nice big lawn. It’s nice to be able to have space and not feel like I’m living in my neighbors back yard, but that nice big lawn also has to get mowed.

I dont know quite what happened when we moved to our own farm, but since we moved, mowing doesn’t seem like it’s been quite so bad.  I think that a lot had to do with the fact that its ours and partially that I often have a day or afternoon off so it’s easier to have time to mow.

For the most part, I end up mowing about once a week, but it would probably be best if I was able to mow every 5 days or so. Dad has a theory that the farm air is a kind of fertilizer to make the grass grow faster and thicker and I definitely think that’s true at our place.

Recently, our in-laws lawn mower broke so they’ve been borrowing ours until they can get theirs fixed. They had borrowed it last week and I told Jason that I was going to need to mow Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday. He came in the house on Tuesday and told me that if I was gonna mow, he could run me up to the farm and then I could drive it the mile or so down to our place.

It was kind of nice to take things a bit slow and see the things that I dont often take the time to look at when I’m driving the car.  About half way though, the lawn mower died.


Of course Jason didnt answer the first three times I called, but luckily I was able to catch his mom.

After he got some cattle loaded up, he came to save the day. Within a few minutes, he got the mower going again. I think it had something to do with a choke, throttle, wires, or something. All I was concerned with is that it was functioning.

I took a few more pictures on the way back down the hill too.


Isn’t it so pretty?

I really felt that it was one of those times where I realized that sometimes slowing down is important.

Luckily Jason followed me down to make sure that I got back fine.

I ended up being able to get the lawn mowed with only one little incident which Jason also fixed…he’s such a good guy!




4 thoughts on “The Joys of Gravel Roads”

  1. You must be getting rain, everything looks so green. We need rain I haven’t had to mow for a couple weeks. Our grass is brown and the corn is getting really spikey, hopefully this weekend, rain is in the forecast

  2. Susan the Farm Quilter

    How many acres of grass do you need to mow?? I would love a ride-on mower at our farm, but I get a walk-behind!! It only takes about 2 hours to mow our lawn, so I know it is less than an acre. Farms are the best places to live, right? Love the no neighbors thing (my closest neighbor is about 3 miles, but my SIL/BIL are building a home about 2 miles away), especially since I can’t see them!!

  3. I grew up in Delaware where the grass just grew and looked nice except for lots of dandelions. In florida, there is much effort to get any grass to grow. Water water water. And Fertililzer, and sod. Takes work.

  4. We moved to the farm when our kids were young – it the absolutely best place to raise kids, if you can do it!
    Mowing the lawn with the riding mower was one of my favourite jobs – except when it stirred up bugs and the barn swallows dive-bombed trying to eat as many of the bugs as they could get! It was a sad day when the kids were old enough to take over mower duty – and a sadder day yet when we sold the farm and moved into town…

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