The Instant Pot

Well I finally caved to the pressure….

For a long time I’ve been reading Judy at Patchwork Time’s rave reviews about the Instant Pot IP-DUO60 7-in-1 Programmable Pressure Cooker.  Judy is the one that started me using a regular stove pressure cooker which I have loved and now she got me buying this too.  For me, this was a lot of money on a single appliance.  At just over $100 that’s more than I typically spend.

I had stayed away until when the kids were home for Christmas our daughter Kayla had one.  She too raved about it….raved a lot.  So I told the girls to give Hubby the hint to get one for me for Christmas.  Then on the 23rd Hubby said so did you order one.  I said order what?  He said that pot thing that Kayla had.  I said no and he said well order it.  So I did….and I’m glad we did.  I had debated about which one to get as the 5-1 cooker was cheaper but the 7-1 could make yogurt too.  I opted for the 7-1 as the child care kids could eat yogurt for meals and meals on end.


I started out with the intention of using the slow cooker or crock pot function and make some ribs.  You might remember a bit ago we butchered a pig-well we had ribs that I was wanting to cook.  Typically I pop them in the oven for a bit then throw them in the crock pot and pour some bbq sauce over them and let them cook.  That was the plan.

Well the childcare kids needed attention the ribs got forgotten and the time that the ribs should have been in the crock pot slipped away.  I decided I would used the pressure cooker function.  I called Kayla and she walked me through it.  I put the ribs in..the looked so good with no sauce as that’s actually my preferred method of eating them.  I decided not to add traditional bbq sauce and instead poured bloody mary mix that I had in the frig on them to give them flavor.  I set the timer for meat and let it go.

The timer went off-I checked them and didn’t quite like that the meat didn’t fall off the bone very much.  I put them in again for 35 minutes on meat.

The timer went off…AMAZING!!


Hands down.  These were the best ribs I have ever, ever had.  Hubby praised the too.  I can’t believe how good they were.  Seriously it made me want to run to the freezer and get another pack of ribs.

The next day I tried steel cut oats.  Also quick easy and the most convenient way I have ever made them.


I decided to start following the Facebook group for Instant Pot lovers.

It looks like I’ll be experimenting a lot more with this…I can’t wait.  I know yogurt is high on the list of things to try.  Already I’m a believer.

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  1. Your ribs look delicious!!! Judy is a bad influence, but in a GOOD way! haha!

    I bought my IP after reading Judy’s blog. I also have a Cuisinart Yogurt maker that makes 5 cups, which wasn’t lasting very long. I like that my IP makes 1 gallon. After I drain the yogurt overnight I end up with about 2 qts of nice thick greek style yogurt and about the same amount of whey. I need to work on using up all the whey.

    I’ve also made pot roast with potatoes and carrots. It was very good, but the veggies were too soft, so I’ll lessen the cooking time next time. Thx for the link to the fb IP group. I need more good ideas/recipes.

  2. I’ve had a programmable pressure cooker for a few years. It is very convenient. My only issue with it is that it takes much longer to build up pressure than my regular pressure cooker.

  3. I also have an IP cooker, a 6-1 as I don’t eat yogurt. What I’ve made the most is chicken soup. I cook the rice or noodles separately. I make the soup first using frozen chicken breasts, chopped celery, carrots, and mushrooms; I can’t eat onions; add one or two cans chicken stocks and the rest is water; select poultry; fast release. I take out the chicken and most of the veggies. I shred the chicken while the noodles are cooking in the liquid on sauté. For the rice I usually make risotto with additional veggies.

  4. A co worker got one for Christmas. I have been jealous ever since. She is always coming to work with an update as to what they had for supper last night!! lol…..Enjoy.

  5. Wow! Thanks for this information. I have been thinking about a pressure cooker but haven’t researched them yet. This sounds really great. And, yes, your ribs are making me hungry; those potatoes look wonderful too! : )

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