The In and Out Sewing Machine

A bit ago I got a message from Kelli that said, ” At the thrift store-do we want this?  $30?”  I opened the picture that came with the message and saw this.


We have been wanting an extra machine for the sewing room.  Right now we have my Pfaff and Bernina but we both hate the Bernina.  We fight over who “has” to sew with it.  We had talked about it and decided to get another machine if we come across one but to date we hadn’t found one.

Well this machine looked like the exact machine that I keep in the laundry room and I love that machine.  I said grab it.

The weekend of my birthday I got it out and started playing.  Hmm…this machine was a little different.  It had a guard around the needle.  It didn’t sew as fast and in order to move the dials I would need an allen wrench.  Then I got looking and just below the dial it said “Scholastic”.  Oh, that explained it.  It was a school machine.  The needle guard for safety…the allen wrench to saw the teacher the headache of kids messing with the machine.

I didn’t mind so I plugged it in and started to sew.  UGH.  I was slow…much slower than my downstairs machine.  Well we owned in now….I was a little disappointed but the machine worked wonderfully and I was just going to set it up and see if I’d be okay with it.

Then comes my birthday party.  My niece came and brought a couple of her kiddos.  Lexie her youngest has been bugging me about sewing.  The last time I saw her I said she’d have to come one day and I’d show her how to quilt.  Well being little she didn’t understand that this day might not be the best day, but luckily she came early and I was able to get some sewing time with her…and what machine did we use?  The Scholastic Singer.  It was perfect for her.


She was so good.  She listened and did exactly what I said.  I sure wished I had more time but guests were starting to arrive.  I ended up mouthing to Lexie’s mom. “Can Kelli and I give her this machine?”  Mom nodded “yes”.  So that’s what we did.  Lexie took this machine and some fabric home with her.

People always ask how to get kids to sew….this is how.  Lexie is prime to learn.

One day this fall her mom found her reading a book….our quilt book….


Earlier this month she watched a Youtube video and hand sewed herself a pillow case dress.


It’s time for her learn to sew with a machine…..she is so ready.  This machine is perfect for her.

Happy sewing Lexie!!  May your bobbin always be full sweetie.

…and with that Lexie is off to what I hope to be a wonderful sewing hobbiy and Kelli and I are back on the hunt for a second sewing machine.

4 thoughts on “The In and Out Sewing Machine”

  1. I have that machine! My husband surprised me for Christmas 1971. We were stationed in Portsmouth NH and the store only had one machine left and it was the 717, school model. But mine doesn’t have a guard on it. That machine is still up and running and I love it. It’s a real work horse!

  2. Why don’t you like your Bernina? I too have a Pfaff and a Bernina. The Pfaff has a small throat but sews beautifully. The Bernina has a larger throat so is easier to use for free motion quilting larger items but some features are frustrating for me.

  3. I was also wondering why you don’t like your Bernina. I have a 550 quilters edition, and I love it. I also have a Pfaff 7570. It is an embroidery machine, but I find I am not using it for that. The light is so much better on the Bernina. Actually, I have not tried the Pfaff out since our move to Alabama 2 1/2 years ago. I need to do that since I don’t have any sewing pressuring me at the moment. I also bought a featherweight last year at this time. I had it serviced but have not started using it yet. I have a UFO on my design wall that I want to get back to. Think I will get the featherweight out

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