The House Next Door

The house next door that I’m talking about in this blog post isn’t next door to me…it’s next door to Kalissa….and she lives about 6 blocks from my house…I live NE and she lives SW.

Well for some time Craig and Kalissa have been doing a great debate.  They like their house for the most part.  They have a three bedroom, two bath home.  That sounds like a fine size but it has a galley kitchen.  One bedroom is downstairs…two up.  They don’t want to leave kids sleeping upstairs with them downstairs.  They have mentioned adding on as the location is good.  The house is good structurally and the have a small attached garage and large big two stall unattached garage.  They all love their outdoor space.

They aren’t looking for another house but if the right house came up for the right price, they would definitely look at another house.  Well…the house next door came up for sale.  The house is an old Victorian.  In it’s was probably a nice house.  At one point when it was for sale I tried to talk Hubby into buying it and fixing it.  He said NO!

One day Craig saw a for sale sign one day and the next day Kalissa saw this on a Facebook For Sale Site.

Hmmm.  The house looked like this back when we had thought about looking at it.  Check out the huge front porch.

From the date on the photo above it looked like that picture was taken in March of ’06.

Things have changed a lot since there were taken.  The front of the house is completely over grown with shrubs and trees.  The porch roof is falling in.  The house is about three different colors, one being the blue in the photo below.

Now days the house looks like it should be burned down…but Kalissa had hope.  She saw us take this old foreclosure house and turn it into a decent house.  She thought maybe her and Craig could do the same for that house….so she planned a viewing.

In the meantime, the owner sent her some photos that looked promising.

A bathroom had been redone….

The kitchen looked like it could work.

Oh my word…look at the amazing woodwork!!

So on a Saturday, Craig, Kalissa, Carver and I went to have a look.

It only took a few minutes to know that the house would be too much of a project for them.  There was water damage…and a lot of it.  That beautiful piece of fret work you see in the photo above is hiding lots of water damage.  On the opposite side of the room there is more damage around the chimney.  So often we were told, this window broke so we boarded it up.  This door is caulked shut.  The layout of the house was not the best.  When the house was added onto, it was done poorly.

We were optimistic yet but when we got upstairs…there was no way this would work.  The hallways were tiny and went around in a maze.  Two people could not pass in the hallways.  I had no idea how furniture could possibly get into the house.

Then we were told about the “great” attic space.  It was great but there was absolutely no moving air and it BLASTED HEAT!  No one could really be up there and use it as a room.

The house had five window air conditioners and was heated by wood…..After seeing the terrible windows, we knew why.

To seal the “no deal” they went in the basement and the foundation was made of about three different things.  There was a dirt floor.  It was obvious that no electrical upgrades had been done.

My personal opinion of the house….as sad as it is, best would be to harvest the woodwork and other salvageable pieces and burn it down.  Sometimes, sadly, a house just needs too much.

We were all so happy in the end though.  The house told us NO.  There was no wondering at all.

6 thoughts on “The House Next Door”

  1. What a shame. At least, they saw that it would just be too much work, decided against it and
    they won’t have any doubts about it in the future. Thanks for sharing.

  2. At least they know what it is like inside now & wont be having any second thoughts about it. Great to have mom & dad’s opinion.

  3. Carolyn berroeta

    Such a beautiful place ! I do hope someone has enough money to undertake the work it needs. Would hate to see it pulled down.

  4. I loved the large porch and such a cute gazebo on the end. It is to bad it has so much damage. It nice that they went and looked and now they know.

  5. Sounds like a great job for Fixer Upper. Salvage Dog needs to go in there and take out all the woodwork and things that are good and tear it down. You might be able to pay $10,000 for it and go from there.

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