The Home Haircut…

It’s been a bit since Kalissa’s boyfriend Craig has been home to see his mom.  Typically his mom cuts his hair but this time, he asked Kalissa to cut it.  We have a clipper so it isn’t a big deal…or so we thought.


He’s busy trying to explain how his mom does it.  Kalissa is all panicking.  She was afraid of getting it too short and wouldn’t lay the clipper on his head.

If you have cut hair with a hair clipper, you know that cutting hair on guys who have short hair styles is no big deal.  We cut Hubby’s hair and our son Karl’s hair so no big deal.  I could have done is but I thought this just might be one of those things Kalissa could learn to do and Craig was willing to let her have a crack at it…so it went..until….


they were finished.  No real slip big errors.  Kalissa learned a lot and it’s one thing that I don’t have to add to my to do list.


See…all smiles…no crying on anyone’s part.  Craig does need to learn the rule at our house though.  The person whose hair was cut is the person who has to clean up the mess.  It’s the price you pay for a haircut here at our house.

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