The Hazards of being a Farm Girl

This morning Hubby called my phone asking if I would come out and help him move a pen of cattle.  Well I have just gotten out of the shower and was still in my towel so I asked our daughter Kalissa if she would run out and help.  Typically it takes about 10-15 minutes and isn’t a big deal.

Not this morning…


Kalissa came in covered in poo and not very happy.

She said, “Well as long as I am sticky I might as well go mow lawn”.  So without cleaning herself up she went out and started moving lawn.

I guessed I timed my shower this morning perfectly.  Not only did I get out of having to move cattle, I also got out of mowing lawn!!

6 thoughts on “The Hazards of being a Farm Girl”

  1. AH, does that bring back memories! Dad is a cattle farmer, and I looked like that more than once. I can honestly tell people “when I say I’ve been hip-deep in s**t, I mean I have literally been hip-deep in s**t”.

  2. We raised hogs in Southern Iowa. I have been up to my you know what in hog crap. Really don’t miss that. At least she looks pretty in poo:)

  3. gotta say it….that’s going above and beyond the call of duty to your family.
    Well done, Kalissa, well done!

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