The Hanken Baby Quilt?

Now that I have Kalissa’s baby quilt done I need to move on to making one for Kelli’s new baby.  I had made this one for Carver….

Kalissa said that if I didn’t mind, she’d like the same quilt for the new baby.  So, I made this…

Originally I had planned to make Kelli some sort of quilt for her baby using Lori Holt’s book Farm Girl Vintage.

But…then Kelli saw Kalissa’s baby quilt and thought she just might want one for her baby in the same style….

Well, Kelli is not finding out if it is a boy or a girl so….what do I do?  I know I could make one like I just made as it’s not really overly boyish but….I pulled these fabrics….

and these fabrics.  I’ve always thought about making a crumb quilt that was more “girly” using these fabrics and replacing the red and using purple or pink.  
Doesn’t that look fun!!  I love the idea….BUT….

Will Kelli have a boy or a girl?  Do I make a boyish one and wish for a boy or a girlish one and wish for a girl?

Then I remembered that Bonnie Hunter has this quilt, Crumble Jumble, in her new book.

While I have all the stuff still out from Kalissa’s quilt, I could make the blocks for this.  If Kelli has a boy, I will pull the blocks and use them for Kelli’s baby quilt.  If I get these done, I’ll could move on and make a girl version of the quilt.  That way I would be covered either way.  Kelli already knows that I likely won’t have a finished baby quilt for her to bring home with the baby and she doesn’t mind.

So what’s up for me next…56 crumb blocks to make this quilt or possibly turn it into a baby quilt later…OR I could start the “girl” version.  Hmmm.  What do you think readers…will Kelli have a boy or a girl?  Which should I do first?

21 thoughts on “The Hanken Baby Quilt?”

  1. I worked with a RN in the 80s who was never wrong. She said: stand behind the pregnant person. If you can’t tell the difference from pre pregnancy, it’s a boy. If you totally can see a different shape it ‘s a girl.

  2. Time to relax and retire boy or girl traditional colors! I am making a quilt now for someone’s baby and I’m using all the colors. I really don’t want to know if it’s a girl or boy….after all we’ll know soon enough. I find the pink and blue too restrictive for my quilt! Maybe we can start a new trend….

  3. I would love to see your quilt made in the pastel colors. Not that many years ago the quilts were generic enough pink was used in boy quilts as well. There were no choices of boy or girl, you just had nursery prints with pink, blue, yellow and green. The Amish still use those colors for Amish inspired baby quilts.

    You might have answered this question in an earlier version of “Ask Jo” but may I ask where you get your books spiral bound?

  4. I would make a quilt like Carver’s using all of the fabrics in both pictures and then wait until Kelli has her baby and choose the backing for a boy or girl.

  5. You could use fabric from both groups, with nothing being dominate in the middle of the quilt. Then after the baby is born, choose a girly or boyish color for the letters around the outside.

  6. I wouldn’t worry about the gender and just make the quilt your way. Men can do feminine things and women can do masculine things, no worries. Another option if you really want to be gender specific is to make all the blocks, and then do the sashing (coping strips) and backing later when you find out.

  7. Knowing how you love scraps, I think the Crumb Jumble is a great idea, using a gender neutral color for the alternate blocks, like pale yellow or green. As much as we’d like to think that we have moved beyond all of the pink/girl-blue/boy stuff, I think it is still around. Your favorite pops of red could still be incorporated and the alphabet could still be done, tying the quilt together as one of “Grandma Jo’s” special quilts. I also have a gr’son due in June and I am looking at this one, myself!

  8. Vivian’s idea of using the backing to “announce” the baby s gender the front of the two other alphabet quilts you have made seem pretty gender neutral to me as without looking back what I remember is red which works both ways to me
    Do I care what gender your grandchildren will be not one bit I am in the you and the parents will love what ever they get. I do pray that all the babies arrive healthy and the mothers have easy deliveries and heal well after. HAving a baby is a great deal of work and worry it’s having grandparents to help out that eases the pain and troubles. Take the best care you can of you and your husband

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