The Green Monster Grinch

Right before Christmas, a blog reader and friend, Ila, sent a package of candy, scraps and goodies.  In that box was the “green monster Grinch” toy for Ruby.  In a short bit that toy became Ruby’s favorite.  The picture below was taken when the green Grinch was new.

After a couple days, Ruby ripped the Santa hat off the toy.  Then gradually one by one, she removed all the squeakers.

When the last squeaker came out….Ruby didn’t care.  She still drags the toy everywhere.

When Ruby was a really little, she tried to go up the stairs to our bedroom where we sleep.  She slipped and fell down half a flight of stairs.  Since then, she has been afraid to go upstairs.  Hubby and I have carried her up but honestly she is getting too big for that.  Over the last week we have been trying and bribing her to go up..but no luck.  She just won’t go up the stairs.

A few nights ago, Hubby took Ruby’s beaten green Grinch and threw in on the stairs.  The first time it was just up a two steps.  Ruby went and got the toy…gradually he continued playing fetch throwing it up one more step and then anther until she went up five steps.  We’ve worked with her several times again.

It was just enough to get her used to the stairs.  Finally she went up half of the flight of stairs.  I am SO happy.  She is so close to figuring it out.  Last night she did the best ever.  Now my hope is that the green Grinch holds together in one piece until she figures out how to go all the way up the stairs.

I don’t know….it’s looking pretty tough.

2 thoughts on “The Green Monster Grinch”

  1. That is exactly how I trained out dog to fetch the newspaper. I first got her to mouth a rolled up paper. After I got her to pick it up I moved it across the room nearer the back door, then out in the garage ,then the driveway and finally the end of the driveway where the papers were delivered. Everyday she fetched two newspapers and always brought them in the same order. On our street she was known as the dog who fetches the newspapers. I can see why Ruby is scared of the stairs, they do look slippery.

  2. My 3 pups love stuffed toys and they always find a way to rip them open. As soon as I find
    a tear, I pull out about 1/2 the stuffing and stitch it back together. They seem to like the toys when they are more floppy. Take your sewing stash and using the green grinch as a pattern, make another layer for it and stitch it together. Your fabric will hold the original
    together. It will be twice as special because it will have your scent on it and she will still have her cherished toy.

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