The Great Quilt Giveaway Continues

You might remember a bit ago I held a great quilt giveaway (read about it here if you missed it) with some friends of mine and with my own kiddos.  I decided that I had too many quilts and that it was time to cut my stash.  Well last week the giveaway continued.

When all the other kids were home to pick, our daughter Kayla was not.  She needed a turn.  I have been waiting for her to come so she can pick before I do anything else with the pile of quilts that I am slowly parting with.

Kayla loves bright colors and often makes her own quilts from vintage sheets and the likes.  Her husband, Spencer, however likes ones done in darker more Civil War reproduction prints.  So I wasn’t sure what Kayla would pick….it turns out…she picked….(drum roll please….)

I went looking back on the blog and I completed this quilt back in 2010.  It was the first Bonnie Hunter mystery quilt that I ever made.

I remember how “tricky” and “frugal” I was to change up the backing and use what I had.


Now that’s a regular occurrence.

Bonnie originally made hers in Christmas colors.  That wasn’t me so I switched blue for the green…well actually I mixed dark blues and even purples as at the time I didn’t have enough of only blue fabric.  Looking at the quilt I can barely even see that there’s purples in there too.

I’m super happy the quilt found a new home.

Now I need to start deciding what’s happening with the rest of the quilts I am parting with.  For now, they are in a pile and slowly I’ll give them away as graduation and wedding presents I think.  I’m just glad that all of the kids could pick what they want.

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