The Great Mouse Adventure

Our family has a Messenger chat group.  I love it.  All of us post things that the others can see.  It’s stuff that all of social media doesn’t need to see but things we want to share between family.  I love it as I can write something like “my mammogram was clean”.  Now I told everyone but didn’t have to call everyone.  It’s more day to day things….

Well about a month ago we all had a great time as Kalissa shared her mouse story.

We all got this picture message in the group…..

For those of you who can’t decipher the picture it’s a LARGE sticky mouse trap with bread and peanut butter all over it.

After seeing the picture Buck wrote:  “Marshmallows…And you are putting on way too much“.

Kalissa wrote:  “I KEEP ADDING MORE!!! I’ve tried a little and I’ve tried a lot and NOTHING is working

She’d had a mouse problem for about a week.  She’d tried everything and was getting desperate.

I’ll admit, I laughed and laughed when I saw the bated sticky trap.  That’s enough bate to trap a family of mice.

The next morning a frantic message came through on the group chat….
It was Kalissa:  “OMG.  OMG.  OMG.  OMG.”  Then this picture came through.

I had to look at it a couple times until I saw a mouse on the trap.  He was a FAT mouse.

About a minute after the picture came through I had a FRANTIC Kalissa on the phone. The mouse was in the drawer and she had to get rid of it.  It was morning and Craig had left for work about 20 minutes earlier.  We talked about ways remove to it.  Finally I said take the whole drawer out and set it outside.

She was all frantic and jittery.  It was kind of funny….but I was sure glad it wasn’t me.  I HATE MICE.

So a few minutes later this picture came through the message group.

See the drawer on top of Carver’s play set???  The mouse is in there.

Then this message came through from Kalissa:
It was the bread crumbs you guys.  I am an evil genius!!!  No more turds in my silverware drawer.”

This meme came too…

We thought that was the end of it and then a day or two later this picture came through…..

Then this message from Kalissa:
Carver loves to play kong ball with Betsy. Must have been a few treats left in there overnight 🤬🤬🤬 (if you can’t see those are MOUSE TURDS!!!!) Please send help.”


The good news…The new mouse went on the sticky trap on a day that Craig was home and all evidence of any mice are now gone!!  It sure was a family drama in the Messenger group.  I love having a messenger group for silly simple things like this.  Knowing the day to day in each other’s lives keeps us all close.

In full and complete disclosure.  Two days before Kalissa caught her mouse, I caught a mouse at our house.  We have NEVER had a mouse at this house.  I knew we had one and sticky bought traps.  I asked Hubby to put them out but he didn’t and I forgot about it until the Sunday night.  I just knew the next morning there would be a mouse and I’d have to deal with it before childcare.  UGH….I HATE MICE!

Well just as I predicted, there was a mouse on the trap the next morning and her was squeaking.  Lucky for me, it was a day Carver needed childcare and Carver is the first to arrive.

Craig walked in the door and I said to Craig, “Um…I might be able to do childcare for Carver today.”  Craig asked why.  I said, “I won’t do childcare unless you take the mouse out”.  Craig laughed and got rid of the mouse for me.  He’s a great guy….

I ended up buying him a 12 pack of beer for his efforts.  It was so worth it.  Had I been on my own….I’d have likely been all jittery just like Kalissa!!

Kalissa and I can handle most anything…but a mouse.  UGH.  They can almost take us down!!

18 thoughts on “The Great Mouse Adventure”

  1. Pure peppermint oil helps keeps them away. Put a drop on a cotton ball or put a drop in your garbage can if under the sink. They hate the oil.

  2. We lived in the country when I was little and had trouble with field mice. My mom was in a tizzy. She learned to stuff steel wool in any little space where the critters might enter. No more mice!

  3. You need to use poison bait. They take it back to the nest and all die. Sticky mouse traps only work for one and they you have to deal with a live mouse stuck to a trap. Peppermint oil wiped all around inside of drawers and other areas does work to keep them out. And then leave cotton balls by openings.

  4. My parents have two cats and they occasionally find the end pieces of mice left as a gift. Did you know that the head is what they eat first? Once when my parents were gone for the weekend I checked on them and had to dispose of their “trophy”.

  5. Years ago, we had a family of mice move into the garage, but they found their way to the toilet paper storage area. My boys were little and my husband had to be away for work, my oldest fretted about who would empty the trap. I still remember is little brown eyes wide in surprise watching me empty trap and reset it. “Mom, you are tougher than I thought.” Thanks for a trip down memory lane.

  6. The battery operated electric mouse traps work very well. They go “sizzle” and the mouse is dead. Toss out the mouse and reset the trap. Mice make babies very quickly, so dead mice mean fewer in your home.

  7. I hate mice also. Years ago we had mice in our house. My husband would empty the snap kind of trap before he left for work. But once in awhile there would be another one when I got up. But my 5-6yr old son came to my rescue and emptied the trap for me!!

  8. Carolyn Sullivan

    OH DEAR! i use kill them traps, I’ve had they try to pull my bagel down in the stove!!!! WHILE I WAS STANDING THERE!!!! No Way little mousey! regular old kill them traps for me. I tried poison too, but was afraid my kiddos would find it and eat it too….. I happily take those dead critters out w some kind of tool, or baggie to protect my hand.

  9. I think those sticky traps are cruel. Why not just set a trap and get them that way? I used to live in the country and had them in the barn and house (sometimes), and had to get rid of them, but we never used one of those traps. Think about it for a minute please.

    1. Louverna…I have thought about it. I am an in home childcare provider. I cannot have traps out anywhere where children could possibly be caught in a trap. I can have a sticky trap. I cannot have poison out either. I’m all for being humane to animals but people and children come first.

  10. SusanfromKentucky

    I’m not afraid of mice. They’re just little critters to me. A few years ago, my husband and I were visiting one of his aunts and I heard a loud squeaking. She said she had put out sticky traps and a mouse was on one. It squealed the whole time we were there. I felt so bad for the little thing!

  11. We use Irish Spring Soap at our trailer and in our shed at the lake. No mice at all. They just don’t like that soap smell. Works like a charm. I hate mice too!

  12. Oh my, I’m glad that I don’t have a fear of mice or emptying the traps. I will admit that snakes are not my favorite thing to come across but I’ve never found one in my house :) So glad that Craig is good sport and glad to help out.

  13. We had a partially finished house (exterior walls, doors, windows, roof all in place) when we went to another state and hubby went to college again. When we came back, to my stuff stored in the basement during our time away, I went into the basement for something, heard movement/scurrying sounds. I investigated, and a mouse was leaving a wheat straw wreath, and I caught it by the tail. As I took it out to my hubby who was working in the yard, it started curling up and I imagined it was going to try to bite me. I told it “Don’t you dare!” It straightened its back out and waited while I walked across the property. I asked him what I should do with our unwanted guest. Then I walked across the gravel easement road to the next property, and set it on its feet on the fence post. I told the mouse to never come back onto our property! It looked around as if surprised to still be alive, then jumped to the top of the wheat growing in the field behind… and bent down the wheat. Escape how wonderful.

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