The Great Debate and a Giveaway…

A great debate is going on at my house….This layout…


or this lay out…


I like it either way so I am not picky which way I choose.  If I choose the second way….LOTS more half square triangle will be coming my way!  This pattern is the mystery from Quiltville’s Roll, Roll, Cotton Ball.   I LOVE the play between the colors…If you head over to Bonnie’s blog, you can check out her free pattern Kiss in the Corner….I like to make that too….

Yesterday’s winner of the “I’m cleaning my sewing room” giveaway is….Comment #5 Marilyn.

Up for grabs today are a couple Civil War patterns and a pincushion pattern.  I’ve made all of these…all were good patterns.


Here’s a link to my Tomorrow, Scarlett pattern and a link to the pincushion.  If you want a chance to win,  just leave a comment here telling me which layout of the quilt blocks you like best.  I’ll be back tomorrow to pick a winner and give you a sneak peak on my next project….

47 thoughts on “The Great Debate and a Giveaway…”

  1. I actually love both the layouts. For me though as a personal preference would be the first one. I would not be up to matching all of those HST’s that form together when the blocks are set next to eachother. No way!!!! I do think that whatever way you decide will look great.


  2. I like the second layout much better, its more uniform. I need to be more inspired like you to declutter/clean my sewingroom. I’m in for the win!!! Thanks!!!

  3. I like Bonnie’s layout with it on point. I finish putting my top together yesterday-no borders yet but I love the antique feel it has to it. My choice of the 2 you have is probably the first.

  4. I think I like the fit of the second layout. The squares look like they want to be next to each other. The piecing is beautiful! I would like to be entered for the drawing.

  5. Lovely blocks…I prefer the second layout, seems more striking…thanks for the chance to win the sweet patterns…just found your blog and am enjoying looking at all your work…

  6. I vote for the first layout, though I like the way the blocks look right next to each other as well. Good luck deciding!

  7. I like both, but, since the second one means making more HST’s than I’d chose the first one. If it were me making the quilt the chance it wouldn’t get finished would be high if I had to make many more of those HST’s.

  8. I think I like the second layout best – it is more bold having all the blocks adjacent to each other instead of separated by the ‘calm’. I’d sure love to win those great patterns!

  9. Actually I prefer the first layout. I think the string blocks seem to calm me down between looking at the pieced blocks . While the 2nd layout is ok…it just doesn’t give my eye anywhere to rest between blocks. I love this mystery and have saved the instructions for my “someday” list.

  10. I don’t need the giveaway but wanted to comment about the layout decision. I promised myself that sine RRCB was my first mystery I would follow instructions but when I laid out the block ones to take pictures I was tempted to just do a quilt like that. I did keep my bargain but have already begun picking fabrics for a quilt with just the block ones. It’s just too pretty not to.

  11. Both layouts look great, but I would have to give the nod to the second, block-to-block setting – only because it would be unique. You can’t lose either way!

  12. I really like Bonnie’s layout better. I am also doing the RRCB and my fabric is very similar to yours and I have mine put together and will be working on the borders today. I love love love how it is turning out doing it Bonnie’s way. Good luck with your decision, Jo!!

  13. I don’t think this is making your decision easier – everyone seems split too! Whil either is obviously lovely, I pick the second one and to be honest, would probably make a whole sparate quilt with the neutrals – LOVE both blocks.

    And I’d love to win those patterns, too!

  14. I like layout number two but my mind could change to number one if I could see more of it laid out like that. But I do really love the second one. Those colors are amazing and with just what you have set up there in the pic, I can envision the entire quilt looking gorgeous that way. I can’t do that with what I see so far of the first one. You know what I mean? lol. Just thought I’d throw that out there. Have a great day.

  15. I like both layouts as well, so I don’t think you can make a wrong choice. That said, I think I prefer the first one — I like the way the neutrals allow the colorful blocks to stand out more. I also think, for me, it would matter what I was planning to do with it. If the quilt was a throw or lap quilt, I might lean towards the second layout since if the quilt was folded, the blocks would be sure to show. If it were a bed quilt, I’d go with the first layout since that would be a little quieter in my bedroom.

  16. I like the second layout the best. Such pretty colors! And I LOVE Civil War patterns. I am doing the weekly blocks on Barbara Brackmans new blog Civil War Quilts :-)

  17. I really like the second lot (why not add a small float between the blocks??) I did think about this quit and when I seen the string blocks I thought no, not for me! I like string quilts but I thought the blocks were so sophisticated and I just didn’t like the string blocks with them.. but hey, thats me! a lot of peple lovin’ this quilt!


  18. My preference is the first layout, but then I tend to not change patterns. On the second layout, will you make more pink blocks? Will you use the string blocks? Love the civil war patterns. They would feel right at home in my sewing room. Take care!

  19. wow..they are both looking great… I think the second layout is my preferrence, but it’s yours… pick your liking…. looking forward in seeing it finished with layout you choose…happy stitching….

  20. I like both layouts…but that 2nd one edges out to be on top for me a wee bit more. Now I have to scoot to see Bonnie girl’s freebie….count me in on your drawing will ya? Thanks!!!

  21. I actually love the Tomorrow one!!! I need to think of tomorrow all the time. Its what keeps me focused. It would definitely be right in front of me in my work room to inspire me! Thank you for the opportunity to win this! Happy New Year!

  22. I can’t decide between the two layouts! They both look great! Reckon that isn’t helping you, is it? ;-)

    I love Civil War patterns, and I’ve begun quilting over a year ago because of my mother, who is in the advanced stage of ALS. I have admired the patterns but just couldn’t afford to get them. Here’s to hoping!!!

  23. I like the first layout. I love your string blocks and really think once they are all together with the border it will be a beautiful quilt.

  24. Both layouts are interesting, but my preference is the first one. The subtle, scrappy string blocks really are lovely frames for the bold, bright, red-pink blocks.
    Thanks for the giveaway.

  25. Susan Blumenshein

    The first one is my choice. As a retired art teacher, my eye tends to go for contrasts in color. You really accomplish that with the first layout.

  26. I like the first layout so much better than the second one. The light colored blocks give the eye a place to rest.

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