The Grass

Seeding grass isn’t as easy as I thought it would be.  I thought it was a plant-grow thing.  Not so much….

It’s come in really patchy…but what is there was long enough to mow so I guess I’d say I have mixed emotions about.  I love that some of the new grass is growing…but I wish it wasn’t so patchy.


I think one of our main problems is that we had two big rains right after we seeded it.  I think some of the seed washed away with the soil.  I actually know a little did because we have on square of the sidewalk out front that actually has grass growing on it.  Some soil and grass washed and landed there and then, of course, grew.

I really should have taken the above picture looking towards the house rather than the lawn mower.  It just so happens that the picture shows the one patchy spot.  Closer to the house all of the grass is coming in really nice.

Plans are to take a garden rake and scrape through the patchy spots then seed again.

It’s daily getting better and I’m happy with the progress…of course, I wish it all were perfect, but like everything it all takes time.

2 thoughts on “The Grass”

  1. First summer from seed with a lot of rain, it looks pretty good. Grass can take a lot of babying. We keep getting rid of more and more. All we have left is one side of the sidewalk. Had the landscaper mulch over half the front yard. It is a small urban lot.

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