The Giveaway that NEVER Ends…

Welcome back to the next installment of the giveaway that never ends!!

Remember earlier this week when I wrote about my big giveaway mix up with Janelle and Jenelle…remember?  Janelle from Nebraska and Jenelle from Kansas??

Well the saga continues.

I got a message from Nell (Janelle from Nebraska) that said- I was serious, I do want to give a box of scrap away so pick another name.  REALLY??  Well you know me.  I can’t turn down free fabric even if the fabric isn’t even going to me.

So I asked Nell about what book she’d have to have in a library and she said, Anne of Green Gables.  It’s an all time favorite of mine.  I read the whole series about 25 years ago and loved it.

I recommend it to everyone.  I so loved it.

Anyway back to the giveaway….I need to pick a name from the people who said Anne of Green Gables as their best book…and that winner is…
Joan Brown who said, “I love Anne of Green Gables! Thanks!”

Now I think…that really is the finale of the giveaway….unless, of course, if there is another someone who wants to get rid of a box of scraps.

I do have to say that I really appreciate all the kind comments sent my way and all of you being so understanding with my mix up.  It’s great to have such a fun and understanding group of friends.

3 thoughts on “The Giveaway that NEVER Ends…”

  1. I’m a little behind on my blog reading, so I don’t know what the mix up was about. However, it doesn’t surprise me in the lease that those involved were understanding and that you got so many nice comments…quilters are the BEST!

  2. Quilters ARE the best! I am following you, Jo, but I must have missed that post too! Oh that would be the most fun if another friend of yours wants to give away scraps! :)

  3. Barbara Waldrip

    yes, Jo I would love to give away a box of scraps. Let me know if you are interested in another give away. Barbara W

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