The Georgie Story

You might remember earlier in the week I told you our family went to the water park and stayed over from the 26th into the 27th.  We had a great time.  We plan to do it again next year.

I had promised that there was a Georgia (my 3 1/2-year-old granddaughter) story in all of this and there is.  I’ll tell it to you now.

Kelli (Georgia’s mom) and I had driven down together.  Her boys, Eli and Emmett, were, unfortunately, suffering from colds and not feeling well so Kelli’s husband Jason stayed home with them and Georgie and Kelli rode with me.  We missed them at the park but in the end, it turned out okay as they were the youngsters of the bunch and would have been hard to watch.  We’re hoping next year everyone is healthy and everyone can go.

Kelli, Georgia, and I were driving home but made a stop at Walmart in Manchester, Iowa.  Kelli had the Hanken side Christmas coming up.  Her mother-in-law is remodeling their house and she has no kitchen but has the only house that can host a get-together because of the size and accessibility.   Kelli offered to make most of the food and needed to stop and get the groceries for it.

We had just been at the thrift store and Georgie insisted on getting something.  We ended up letting her get a stuffed horse.  She can be awful in the store and can be loud and demanding.  I don’t let her get by with it…Kelli sometimes does.

As we drove up to Walmart, Kelli and I started talking about who was going to take Georgia and how we could get out of the store the quickest.  Me, I really didn’t need anything so it was decided I would take Georgia.  Just then Georgia started yelling about how she was going to get a toy.  NOPE.  She was not going to get a toy.  She didn’t need a thing and it was just Christmas.  She already had just gotten something at the thrift store.

Please note, Georgie is VERY strong-willed and is no pushover.  I love her dearly but her personality is one that can make life interesting.

I told her we weren’t getting a toy and she said something again that she was getting a toy.  I told her that we’d just sit in the car and there would be no toy.

We sat there for 10 minutes or so and then she yelled, “I have to go poop!!”


I told her we could go in and go to the bathroom but there would be NO TOY!

We got into the bathroom.  She went into the stall and I stood outside the door and told her I would stand there and hold the door shut.  She ended up locking the door.  Oh my.

So she did her business and then at the top of her lungs yelled, “Someone has to wipe my butt”.  Then she yelled it again and again.  Yes.  I was embarrassed.

So…I started talking to her saying that if she wanted to get help, she’d have to come and unlock the door.  She refused.  She said Grandma Nay said she can’t get off the toilet without wiping for she might get poop on the toilet ring.  UGH.  Of all time to listen to Grandma Nay, now was not the time.

She wouldn’t wipe herself.  Nothing.  She wouldn’t do anything except yell, “Someone has to wipe my butt.”

I looked at the door…Nope.  I’m 57 years old and this is my grandkid, not my kid.  I don’t have to crawl under bathroom doors anymore.  My time has passed.  I totally pulled the Grandma card.

I called Kelli on her phone.  I said, “Hello.  We are looking for the mother of the three years old girl in the bathroom at the front of the store with the red and black poncho who is locked in the stall screaming “Someone has to wipe my butt”.  If you are that mother, could you please report to the bathroom at the front of the store?”

Kelli said, “For real Mom?”  I said, “Yes.  For real.”

So Kelli came and tried to reason with Georgie to get off the toilet and unlock the door or to wipe herself.  No go.

So…Kelli decided the only option was to crawl under the bathroom door and open it.  As you can see from the picture, there is very little clearance.

Kelli got down and was about halfway through.  She had to scrunch up her butt to move forward.  Her but hit the door and the door flew open.

Needless to say, Georgia’s butt got wiped and she didn’t get a toy.

There is never a dull moment…never.

I thought you all could use a good laugh.  I often have blog readers tell me that they shared a story from the blog with their spouse.  I think this is one a spouse might enjoy as well.

If you’re a long-time blog reader, you know this is just Georgie.  She’s a spitfire of a kid and has been since the day she was born.  In fact, here is the first picture of her ever…

You can tell she came out with something to say…and oh boy, does she say it!!

She definitely keeps life interesting.

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  1. Omg! I think we all have these stories. I took some jeans and went into the dressing room at Boot Barn to try them on. The store was full of oil rig workers…so mostly men. My daughter was around 3 and her dad had ahold of her. She yelled, “hey Mom, are you wearing any underwear?” It took me a LONG time to try them on. ‍♀️

    She is definitely gonna give Kelli a run for her money!

  2. Friend and I discussed this last night. I carried my youngest twin (autistic) out of many stores & restaurants. Eventually, she learned to behave in public. Didn’t stop fits at home but easier out in public. Good luck!

  3. What a great story! Kelli can share this blog post with Georgie’s beau when the time comes. My mother always said “never say never” when it comes to kids or pets.

  4. LOL wait until she’s 13 and have her read this story. I’ve always thought 2 year olds and 13 year olds have a lot in common.

  5. Shirley from Calmar

    I had a daughter like this. Think we all do. Totally love the story, and the picture is worth a million. My daughter pulled a couple of those stunts. She had to go in every restroom in every store. So once we got in a store, I took her directly to the restroom. Then we went on to get groceries. Half way through she said she had to go potty. I said , “but you just went.” She came back with “but I have to poopy”. So frustrated, I put my hands on my hips and said, exasperated, “You have got to be kidding!” She proceeded to put her hands over her head and scream “Don’t beat me, Mommy.” I could have died. I only hoped people believed it was just drama. Gotta love ’em. Really, you have to. lol. Bless you and your family and happy New Year.

  6. had one who would throw herself on the floor of whatever store it was that day and proceed to scream and bang her head on the floor! yes, what a joy that was. she grew out of it and is now a lovely, well adjusted, calm 31yr old !!

  7. Brings back memories of my daughter at three. There were no Terrible Twos” but age 3 was definitely challenging. She’s wonderful now! Hang in there Kelli!

  8. Poor Kelli. All I could think of was her having to lay on that yucky bathroom floor. I’m glad she didn’t get a toy too!

  9. We took our 3 grandchildren to a buffet restaurant and afterwards, the grandson who was @5 years old asked to go to the toilet. He didn’t come back quickly so his sister who was 2 years older told us if he has to have a BM, he takes all his clothes off first. My hubby ran into the bathroom only to be met by a stark naked little boy. This was 40+ years ago. Kelly probably wanted to boil her clothes after laying on the floor.

  10. Ha hai couldn’t stop laughing ! Georgia sure has spunk!Sometimes a girl needs spunk ! And the way you called Kelli was great! Never a dull moment.

  11. A friend was struggling with their 3 yo over many things. At her annual checkup she was telling the doctor about it when he replied, “You know, a 3yo is a 2yo with experience. Hang in there.” Although not helpful, she realized that she wasn’t alone.

  12. Susan the Farm Quilter

    Oh my days!!! This is a great story to be told at her graduation from high school if her high school is small enough to be able to do that or at her wedding reception!!! It will be the inside joke with you and Kelli (and all your kids) that someone needs to wipe your butt when you need help with something! My last daughter was that stubborn bundle of fun…they do keep you on your toes and test your patience/consistency every day (and they have way more energy and perseverance than anyone should have)!!

  13. Oh, my!! That really WAS funny! And I told my hubby the story, then read what you said about people saying they told your story to their spouse…LOL!! She definitely looks like a spitfire!!! :-)

  14. Oh, boy! That Georgie is a corker. I thought the funniest part was your phone call to Kelli though she maybe didn’t think so at the time.

  15. Thank you for making me laugh, Jo – the best way to start a New Year! Although maybe not the best way to end a year for you and Kelli *lol. You definitely know you have Georgia!

  16. Oh, Jo! Your story is hilarious. My husband has dementia and doesn’t respond to a lot of things. I read your story to him and he’s still laughing. Thanks for sharing and making our day!!

  17. Marlene Clausen

    Been there, done that. At 50+ years she is still at it. She also has never met someone she won’t talk to and find common ground. Probably why she is one of the top sales reps in the country for her company and has been for many years. She also “adults” better than anyone I’ve ever known and, as you can tell, I love her more than words can say. She is my “one and done.” She was all I could handle and then some!! Enjoy your Georgia . . . it’s your best option!

  18. Oh my!!! That is hilarious!! Although, I bet you and Kelli did not think so at the time!! And good for you for keeping to your guns of no toy!! LOL!!! Hubby is still laughing after I read this to him.

  19. Should the locked-in-a-public-stall happen again with other kiddos, please try lifting the door up to pop the lock, (like Kelli did accidentally with her butt). Often public stalls are designed so the janitorial staff doesn’t have to crawl on the floor either.

  20. Having raised a “Georgia” of my own, I can identify with both you & Kelli! Mine is now grown of course and has twins!!! My Mom always told her she hoped she had 2 just like her, although, I don’t think she ever meant all at once! But oh the stories we can and do share!!! Thanks for the memories. Hugs to all,

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