The Garden

You might remember I decided to not have a garden this year…well not really.

Kalissa has a garden spot at her place but she wasn’t really excited about it so we came together and decided to share the space.  It’s not a half-zies thing or anything…it’s just a maybe between the two of us we can make a garden.

Our middle daughter Kayla is a gardener and she started her own plants this year.  I’ve never done that.  I just buy them from the nursery.  Her plants were VERY nice.  Our son Buck gave us pepper plants that he had started so my gardening bill was really cut this year!!  I loved that!!


I did my best to teach Kalissa the fine art of clipping back the bottom “branch” or two of the plant and getting the seedlings planted deep in the ground.  It might change sometime in her life but at this point Kalissa doesn’t have strong deep gardening ambitions….

Hey she’s only 20.  LOTS in life can change yet.  In the meantime she’s humoring me!

Thankfully it’s all in for now…I am patiently waiting for all the seeds to sprout so I can get over there and weed.  Kalissa and Craig planted it so I have no idea where the rows are.

I’ll keep you posted on the garden.  For now, there’s little to see.

I have to say, so far it’s been fun doing this with her….

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  1. I think it’s very cool that you and Kalissa are sharing a garden! I sure wish my daughter lived close enough that we could share one, but she lives several states away from me. What are those things that are inside your tomato cages?

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