The Garden

We didn’t have a garden this year.  If you drove past our house you’d like wonder why we didn’t just pop some seeds in the ground as we really didn’t have lawn either.

We knew we really wouldn’t have time for a garden-at least not time to do it right so we opted out.  I missed green beans.  I missed fresh tomatoes.  I missed fresh swiss chard.  I missed so many good things that I’ve started bugging hubby about a garden for next year already.

He agreed if we really wanted one and wanted to do it right, we needed to start this fall…so we bought a tiller that was advertised on the Facebook for sale group for $100.  We plotted out a garden space.  Hubby killed the grass and this weekend he tilled it for the first time.

Next up we’ll get some good old fashion fertilizer from the farm and till again.

From there it will be time to let in rest over the winter and come spring…I get my garden for real.

We debated and debated about how big to make the garden.    We both like the garden and I actually do like canning but I don’t know how much time I have for it.  I also know that maybe with a small garden I could work on being a little more efficient and plant more than one crop in a space…radishes early on and something else later on.  There are really only the two of us now eating here (and the childcare kiddos) but how much do we need.

We ended up with a decent sized spot and we’ll see how it goes.  I’ve decided I likely won’t plant squash..probably not lots of cucumbers or other vine plants.

For now it’s a start..and I’m really happy with the prospect of a start.

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  1. I love gardening. I have giant pumpkins now that are probably bigger than a bushel basket size. Hoping they get bigger. You could plant “jack be nimble” baby pumpkins for the kids.

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