THE Garage Sale

We started on Saturday to get to this point….

Yes, my garage is in there somewhere.

We’ve had epic garage sales before but this is by far the biggest.

Many of the rows are two deep with things back to back.  We’ve priced things to sell.  We really want them all gone as in no more.  ZERO left.  There were about 10 things I priced that would be at antiquing market value as those I wouldn’t mind if I ended up keeping but honestly I want that gone too.  GONE!!

I’m hoping a good chunk of it sells on Thursday (I’m writing this Thursday at nap time)…Bad weather is expected for Friday.

Our last minute add to the sale were these three beds….All high backs.Hubby thought to make benches out of them but alas….he wants things gone too.  I asked him how to price them.  He said, $20, $25 and $35.  Proof he wants things gone.

We have had so many people calling and asking…begging for early sales.  Too much.  It’s so hard to manage.  That’s the blessing and curse of having things listed on Facebook in the for sale groups.  The work gets out…But then everyone asks questions…how much for this…the dimensions of that…I get it as I’ve been on the other side of the questions.

Wednesday night I went to bed at 11:30 and got up at 5:30 the next morning.  It’s hard but it’s going to be SO worth it in the end….Sunday, I can’t wait.  I told Hubby that I insist on having some sewing time on Sunday!  He just smiled.  I think he wants some down time too!!

It’s now 9:30.  I thought I’d write an update before this posted.  Kalissa had to leave at 5:45 to go to work.

Here’s how my driveway looks now.

We had our absolutely best sale ever.  It happened in about a little over 2 hours.  It was CRAZY.  WILDLY CRAZY.  People came in pairs and one sat with a pile while other people retrieved items.  People had trailers, pickups, suburbans….all of them filled quickly.  IT WAS SO INCREDIBLE.

I’m so happy…THRILLED might be a better word for it.

Just as the 7pm hour was going to strike, Hubby told a lady who was still shopping (she came back after loading up LOTS) that he had something in the back garage.  She followed him back there and ended up buying $100 more of stuff out of the back garage!!!  It’s was NUTS!

There is a threat of rain tonight and tomorrow so we moved things into the garage.  It was about empty after the sale so there was plenty room.  Hubby and I joked that we could park the truck in the garage…and if we moved stuff around, we really could have.  UNBELIEVABLE.  I’m so glad we took some pictures to chronicle it.  Had I not seen it, I would never have believed it.

While the first hour of the sale was happening I had to be in the house with the childcare kids.  They were so funny.  I was selling my wicker couch from the front porch.  The kids didn’t want me to.  So they watched out the windows.  One would say, “Oh no, someone is looking at the couch”.  Then “It’s okay, she’s not buying it”.  That went on and on…then someone bought it.  By then they were so into watching that they thought it was cool that she bought it.  The kids were so entertained by the sale.

I’m dragging my pooped body to bed….but first I have to start the dishwasher.  Oh my childcare in the morning.  I don’t even think we can run the sale on Saturday.  We’ll see.  There’s hardly anything left. But like Hubby says, that’s a good problem.

15 thoughts on “THE Garage Sale”

  1. What a wonderful success story, and then there was none left! Those beds were amazing with the high backs. I’m glad it went well since rain was coming to Iowa.

  2. Holy cow!! You DID have a lot of pieces stowed away! Glad you had such an incredible, successful sale. I’m sad I live another country away as I would have been at your place camped out overnight to get some of those pieces. Now you’re due for some down time and sewing. Maybe even some fabric acquisition with the $$ you pocketed. :-)

  3. Well Pooh! I was planning on coming to the sale on Saturday. It looks like there will be nothing left to buy. I will have to go to plan B. Where is the antique place in Harmony?

    Glad you had a great sale, but I am feeling blue for me. :>(

    1. It’s called New Generations and is in Harmony. There really is nothing left here. We were talking that we probably won’t even be open.

  4. What a fabulous sale!!! Glad you can have Saturday to relax!!! I have never heard of anyone having to end their sale early! That is a good problem to have!!!

  5. Oh, I saw several things i would have wanted. What nice things! People are fortunate you were willing to part with them. So glad it was successful for you!

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