The Garage-Chalk Paint and Stripping…

Thursday Kelli came home for a hang out day.  She is taking a college class over the summer but Thursday was a vacation day so she came home.  We planned on painting and working on furniture but Hubby changed my plan…he asked me clean the garage.  UGH!!

The garage has gradually become a catch all for all things related to house…all things we want to fix…all things that need to be somewhere else.  Well I wasn’t going to make Kelli help me so I told her it would help if she would just start getting some of the things chalk painted that we have bought over the last month or so.  She was happy to oblige.

She started working on a coffee table first….

Once that was painted and drying she started on an end table.

She would stop every now and then and help me move something but for the most part she painted…I cleaned.  It was nice to have company though.  Once I got done organizing I started stripping furniture.

In the background you can see my big white cupboard.  I’ve been working a bit on that but not as much as I should.  I did get the paint off the drawer though.

Then I got side tracked with this broken down crappy old pie safe that I bought a bit ago.

It strips VERY easily.  It’s always good to work with something that is easy…that white cupboard is much more challenging.  The pie safe is odd in that one side was brown and the other tan.  I’ve already stripped the drawer and started in a couple other places.

I use a heat gun.  It’s easy to use, fast and not nearly as stinky as stripper.

I want the pie safe for my quilting room in the new house.  I figure if the workers aren’t going to come and work on the house at least I can start working on things for the house.  Maybe then I’ll have them done when we move.

With that in mind I do have a new goal…I am going to try to spend a minimum of a half hour on stripping either the white cupboard or the pie safe every day.  I’ll make an exception or two but for the most part I am going to try to stick with it!  I can do it…I secretly hoping that if I get the project into a more manageable spot Hubby will come in and take over…oh I hope.

3 thoughts on “The Garage-Chalk Paint and Stripping…”

  1. I liked using the heat gun too for stripping paint. But the fumes gave me a headache. Later I found out I was stripping LEAD based paint. Too bad I was done by then. I probably should have better ventilation and/or a respirator. I like how you were able to get the company while doing the work too!

  2. I was just going to mention to be careful of lead based paint as well! You can buy these small sticks to test the paint before working with it. You can get them at a hardware store. You need to be very careful if the paint is lead based. There are certain ways to remove it to protect you from it. Good luck!

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