The Firemen Benefit Quilt

Here’s a fun story…

Remember me saying I was going to donate this quilt…

to the Fireman’s Breakfast Fundraiser for a raffle prize?

People are always surprised by the quilts I donate.  I get all sorts of people say they should have a separate raffle for the quilt…or that it should be a silent auction or something like that.  I just say no and let it go on the general raffle.  I love that someone can win the quilt with just the cost of a $1 raffle ticket.

The raffle is fun for me to see who gets the quilts.  We live in such a small rural area that most of the time, I know the person who wins the quilt.  One year it was our kids’ junior high teacher.  One year it was the fire chief.  I think it’s fun to see who wins.

This year was especially fun…I know the person who won this year quite well…and in a way, you all do too!

The quilt was won by…
Carla of Longarm Quilting Inspirations!!  You all have heard me talk about Carla often.  She is the one who does the amazing longarm quilting on some of our most popular quilts.  Well, it was actually Carla’s husband who won.  His name was on the raffle ticket.

Carla immediately messaged me and sent pictures.

There’s the quilt at Carla’s house!!

Carla is so sweet when she wrote.

Carla has all of the quilts I’m sure her family needs.  I told her it was perfectly fine if she wanted to donate it to another cause, gift it, or keep it.

I am a person that gets much joy from gifting and I’m so happy this gifting did some good.  The breakfast did AWESOME this year…better than ever and I couldn’t be happier.  The department upgraded their “jaws of life” equipment this past year and that was expensive…about the cost of a new car!  Funding for that type of equipment doesn’t come easy, but our small community came out and really supported the event.  It makes me so happy.

I know someone will ask so I’m leaving this info here…
The quilt is Old World Fantasy.  A mystery quilt put together by Becky at Quilted Twins.  It’s still available.  You can find it HERE.  You can read about the quilt and my finishing of it HERE.

9 thoughts on “The Firemen Benefit Quilt”

  1. So exciting that Carla’s husband won the quilt! I am sure this quilt was a good help for the raffle. It is a beautiful quilt.

  2. Raffles are so much better than auctions. I can buy a booklet/strip of ten tickets and ten chances, rather than having to bid $100 for one (probably losing) chance. Great quilt and great cause.

  3. How fun to have Carla and family win the quilt. I’m sure it will be a keeper. So glad the fire dept. had a good outcome for their needs. I was just talking about my Uncle Bob the other day. He as the Fire Chief in Kansas for years and was oh so proud of his station and trucks. Great memories!

  4. Your community sounds so amazing and it is so giving of you to donate a quilt each year and this one is so beautiful! I am glad it’s kept as a raffle, makes the event even more fun and affordable for everyone for sure.

  5. Margaret in North Texas

    So happy to hear your Fireman’s Breakfast Fundraiser was a huge success. So wonderful of you to donate a beautiful quilt!

  6. How wonderful that Carla’s husband won the quilt. Carla has a real talent for top quilting and I love seeing her work. Glad there was such a great turn out for the firemen.

  7. Judithh Fairchld

    I like that kind of breakfast. So glad you had a raffle for the quilt. Carla’s husband winning the draw is ring on the cake with a scoop of ice cream.

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