The Fireman’s Breakfast

All of the kids were home this weekend.  It was busy-busy but lots of fun.

Each year the Waucoma firemen host a pancake breakfast.  Hubby is a Waucoma fireman so we try as a family to come out and support the group. This year all the kids were home to help and that was neat!


I always make a quilt and it gets raffled off with the other goodies.  This year I decided to donate one of my Moda Bake Shop quilts.  It was the 1934 Nine Patch quilt.  You can learn more about it and see the pattern by following this link.

The quilt went to one of the firemen.  That was neat as I know the family will appreciate it.

It’s so hard for me to know what to donate and what to keep.  I get guilds that ask me to do trunk shows so I do want to keep some for showing and telling…but honestly, I can’t keep all of them.  I would rather the quilts get donated and do some good for the community.  Do you have trouble deciding which quilts to give away and which to keep??

4 thoughts on “The Fireman’s Breakfast”

  1. It is always easier to let a quilt leave the nest after I have taken a few photos. I do have one baby quilt, made 7-8 years ago that I can not give away. I love the colors, blue, rust and gold with jungle animals. I always have time to make another to give and leave this favorite in my pile.

  2. Debbie Watton

    I have no problem giving away my quilts. The creative process is what I love and it is nice to have them around for a couple of weeks to see and enjoy, then they can go after a photo session. I kept my first ever quilt as it was made for our rv and I have one other as a throw because I fell in love with it but the rest are gone or going.

  3. I guess if I started the quilt with it being a donation quilt in my mind, than I don’t have trouble giving it away. But if I start a quilt so I can work on that pattern or those colors, then I have a harder time to give it up. Thanks for sharing.

  4. I offer my extra quilts for sale on Etsy because they are large and I paid to have them professionally quilted. So far, I haven’t sold any, but I hope to do so.

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