The Fireman’s Breakfast

Sunday morning I spent my time working at the Waucoma Fireman’s Breakfast.  Every year mine and Hubby’s job is to great the people as they come and take in money for tickets and for the raffle.  We’ve been doing in for years and years now.   I like the job.  Previously he fried sausages and I washed dishes.  I like our jobs now much better.

It’s always nice as the breakfast happens the first Sunday in March every year and with typical Winter we don’t get out as much.  It’s good to see all the people from the community again.  They always have a good turn out and this year was their best yet.  For the most part, it was a really nice day.  The other improvement was that it was held at the new local event center.   The building is so nice and big.

In the old building seating was tight and the facility wasn’t as nice.  Here the kitchen is awesome and so is the dining area.

I had Kelli snap a couple pictures before the event started…she had planned to take more but we got too busy.


This year for the raffle I parted with one of the quilts we made and had published in Moda’s Sweet Celebrations.  The winner was someone who I don’t know…I hope when they bought the ticket they were hoping that they might win the quilt.


Many years all of our kiddos come home and help but this year it was just the oldest, Kelli and the youngest, Kalissa.  They enjoyed working at the new facility too.

We noticed that with the extra seating people didn’t hurry away.  Instead they sat and visited with friends making for a very enjoyable morning.

We are so thankful to be living in our small community.  So many good people work hard to make improvements happen and to serve our community.  We are honored to part of that group.

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  1. Lesley Gilbert

    I would have loved to win that quilt – hopefully the person who did will treasure it as it’s such a beauty :)

  2. The small city life sure sounds great! We just moved into a much smaller city, but stayed in the Denver metro area as this is where my husband’s family live. Hopefully, we will fit into our new town!

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