The Firefighter has Returned

Someone asked me how my son was doing with the wild land firefighting he was doing out in Idaho.  Oops…In all the hoopla, I forgot to tell you, he returned after being gone for just over two weeks.  His portion of the fire was contained so they let him leave earlier than expected.

This is the crew he worked with.  He is way to the right in the t-shirt that was once white.

I hardly recognized him with the beard.  He said there was no time to shave.  He went eight days without a shower…UGH.  He loved the experience and would like to go again.  The experience has him back interested in working to get a firemen job.  To get one in our area he will need to get a paramedic degree.  He’s not excited about being a paramedic, doesn’t hate it..just not excited,  but is coming to realize that it might be okay to be a paramedic if it means he can get a firefighting job.  The college loans are his biggest obstacle.

It was such a relief to me to have him back in Iowa.  He even came home for a visit this weekend. Doesn’t he clean up nice??

That’s Jen, his fiance` with him.  The date for their wedding is now set for August 3rd, 2013. Did I say I’m happy that he’s home??  I am glad he loved firefighting….but home is a good place for him to be!

8 thoughts on “The Firefighter has Returned”

  1. So glad to hear your son is home safe and sound. Even when our sons grow up, we are still concerned for them arent’t we? I love the picture of him with his fiancé. I noticed there was a canine observer in the lower right corner. So cute!

  2. Melanie Winters

    So glad Buck got home safe and sound, hope the firefighting/ paramedic training works out for him. He does clean up nice, looks much younger without the beard!

  3. Happy to hear he is home also. Please thank him for all of his hard work and those of the other firefighters he worked with.

  4. So glad to hear your son is back safe and sound. I’m sure that was a worry for you while he was out fighting the fires. I hope he has success with his dream to become a firefighter. That’s an awesome job.

  5. Bet he enjoyed that first shower! He looks good scruffy and clean shaven – hope everything falls into place and he can follow his dream. Happy to hear that he is home safe.

  6. Water is an amazing thing. It puts out fires and cleans up our kids so that we recognize them. Congratulations on a safe return. That’s a happy looking couple. Lots of time to plan the wedding.

  7. I am so greatful he made it home safe and sound. Being an Idaho gal, I am grateful he came and fought our fires here in Idaho, we certainly had a bad fire season this year. It is such a dangerous job. Not sure where he was stationed but we had several monsterous fires here. Thanks for his service.


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