The Farming Front..and Landscaping

Last week was not a good one for farmers in our area.  We had rain and cold damp days.  Hubby was home earlier a few days and work combining corn came to a stand still.  Luckily the guys at the farm have cattle and cattle work fills the rainy days.  To be honest, if there wasn’t rainy days they would likely have to take a day or two here and there to get the cattle work done.

Sunday Hubby was home as it was too wet to farm so we tackled the last of the move.  We moved the horseradish, raspberries and rhubarb.  It’s late to be moving them but it still was do-able and the weather on Sunday was gorgeous.  I think all of our neighbors were out doing something from building to lawn mowing to taking down trees.  We joined in the home improvement theme by moving plants.

The plants were all at the farm.  Until recently we didn’t have a spot for them that was tilled or I needed Hubby to help as my ankle flares up it I do strenuous things like digging so Sunday was the day.  We ended up moving 5 rhubarb plants.  We didn’t see the other ones but wished we could have.  We moved three shrub rose bushes.  We moved about 14 raspberry plants and dug the horseradish and replanted it.  Sometime this week I need to process the horseradish.  Sunday’s schedule didn’t have time for that too.

While at the farm I spent a bit of time reminiscing about our life at the farm…  I checked the cattle with Hubby.


At times I miss seeing the cattle especially seeing a new batch of young ones when they come in.

Other than that…I really like town life.  People really wondered how we’d miss “loosing our privacy” with the move to town.  Honestly, it wasn’t private how we lived in the country.  There were trucks and semis in and out of the yard all the time.  Other people worked at the farm too so they were in and out and walking across the yard.  We live on a quiet street in town now and I’d honestly say I think we get less traffic here that we did when living on the farm.

I don’t miss not owning a home at all!

I love Hubby dearly but he’s not the best at telling me about work.  I do miss looking out the kitchen window, seeing what he’s doing and then asking about it later.  It really prompted him to talk more about work when we lived there.  Now I don’t know nearly as much about the farm as I did then.

So given the choice where would I prefer to live?  Right here where I am.  I enjoyed life on the farm and am so thankful for the opportunity to live there but hands down, I’ll take where I am at.

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  1. Wait a minute, you don’t own the home you are in now????With all the work you have done on it? I think I am missing something here?

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