The Family Pictures

If you’ve been following along, you might remember we had family pictures taken a bit ago. They came back and I’m finally getting time to share them with you. I was super nervous about how they would turn out. In the end, I’m pretty happy with them. It was a task to wrangle all 19 of us. Especially when there are so many kids!!

Here is the whole crew.

I thought I would show you family by family.

This is Kelli and Jason with their three.

It’s Georgia and the twins, Eli and Emmett. We had to fight Georgia to wear the dress. She was totally against it until she realized Lucy and Lilly were dressing up too. She was being her usual self. Determined. Oh, that girl has spunk. Eli looking over his glasses is totally normal. I with that he was looking full on, but again, it’s typical Eli.

Next is Kayla with Spencer and their guy Jasper.

These are my favorite pictures of them. This is totally the way they are in real life with him.

Next is Buck with his three, Scottie, Lucy, and Lilly.

The photographer told them to do a grumpy pose…

They are such good kids!!

Next up is Karl…He looks so much like his dad!! Wide shoulders and narrow hips is a very “Kramer” trait.

Last the baby in the family…Kalissa, with Craig the the boys.

Here are Carver, Gannon, and Anders. I was pretty impressed with Gannon. Remember he doesn’t like getting his pictures taken. He got brave and did it anyway.

The pictures were all taken near the water in Waucoma. Can you imagine the chaos in the background watching the kids who weren’t getting their picture taken? It was a lot…but we did it.

It’s a great background for pictures!!

We’re going to try to do pictures again next year. I’ve not been the best at keeping up with pictures. These are the first ones we’ve taken together since Kramer passed away. We need to take them more often than every five years.

Some of the pictures were taken by the dam but I don’t love those. The lighting was bad…and the wind was too much.

Here’s the last picture…

I’m very proud of my family. They are such a good bunch of people. I never imagined that all the years ago when Kramer and I started dating this would be the result. I’ve truly been blessed beyond measure.

And…that’s the 2024 edition of Kramer family pictures!!

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  1. Fantastic photos! These will be treasured for years to come.

    And thanks your recent health update post.

  2. I love all the pictures! You are all beautiful and truly are blessed beyond measure! The personality of the grandbabies come out in these. Precious! Thank you for sharing. ♥️

  3. Oh Jo! What a blessing to have all the family together for pictures. I think every mama, including me, wishes for that. Absolutely do it as often as you can! You won’t regret it.
    Love and prayers.

  4. Judith Fairchild

    Yes yes yes getting pictures done regularly for yourself and the family is so good for everyone. Especially the grand children. This is a record of who they are and what they look like. So they they can show then to their children when they have them. It’s fun to remember the good and bad times.

  5. Those are great pictures Jo!
    It’s hard to get that many people to smile and all looking a in the same direction, especially kids, but that photographer did a great job!
    You’ll have such great memories of this day to look back on.
    This is something I wish I could do with my family, but with one of my daughters living out of state we’ve never done it.

  6. Meredith In Cincinnati

    These pictures are wonderful! What a treasure these will be as the years pass. You’re right; the hard part is getting everybody together and herding them to the right spots. Your photographer did a wonderful job!

  7. Those are terrific pictures! Getting 19 people together and all looking in the same direction and smiling is not something to be taken lightly! What a wonderful memory!

  8. Oh, Jo, these photos are wonderful! Thanks so much for sharing them with the Blog. I’ve been following you for years, and my favorite posts are those about your family. My uncle was a professional photographer, so family photos have always been important to me. It will be so fun for the kids to look back at these and remember the day. This is probably my favorite ever of all your posts. Love is shining through.

  9. I love twhe pictures. The photographer did a great job. Usually one person is making faces or turning sideways, but these pictures look amazing. Everyone will appreciate the pictures later on.

  10. These are so beautiful! We have family reunions every few years, and I have hired photographers living in that area, to come and take pictures of all of us. They have turned out well. We’ve displayed them hanging over the back of our front room couch. The grandkids love to point out where they are in each picture. Congratulations on having taken pictures at last!

  11. Beautiful! You all did great to get so many wonderful pictures. That little Georgia cracks me up with her facial expression in the one with just her and her brothers. You have her pegged right!! Love, love them all!

  12. Fabulous famiy, great family, every picture a winner. Wish there was less discord in my family, not many os us. Life is a gamble, isn’t it.

  13. I think they came out really great! What a beautiful bunch of people! It is wonderful to see all of you together! You truly are a very special family!

  14. Wonderful pictures—such special memories!! Just think, doing again in a year, what changes you will see in those grandkids!!! Thanks for sharing!!

  15. Beautiful photos, and beautiful family. Yes you are truly blessed, as am I with my family. But I couldn’t help wondering, Jo, have you lost weight??

  16. Such an awesome treasure for all of you to look back on in the years to come.We live so digital nowadays that in twenty years no one will know who in their family existed.Every time the cell phone crashes we lose chunks of our history. Beautiful family and full of many Blessings. It’s good to see the grands so healthy.
    God Bless you and your family

  17. thanks for sharing. All were lovely but I have to admit the one with Kramer was the one i admired most. It seems he in included quite frequently and i so admire all of you for that.

  18. I enjoyed seeing the family photos. They are all beautiful. I remember my family doing family pictures several years ago and the adults holding the kids close so they wouldn’t wiggle, or more importantly, escape. Looks like your grands are held in place too. Love it.

  19. Wonderful pictures and you and Kramer did a great job raising nice people. I have pictures taken whenever we 4 are all together, life is short and some of the best pictures are us being us. Simple poses, simple backgrounds and everyday clothes.

  20. Wonderful pictures and you should be proud! Your family has such a wonderful one-for-all spirit…when one has a problem, everyone gathers around. That’s how families used to be but it is so rare now. You did that, Jo! Thanks for sharing your family with us!

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