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We have a family Messenger group. With five adult kids and 10 grandkids, there is always news to report and in order to keep everyone informed of what’s going on, messaging works about the easiest. Here’s a little recap of some of the things that came through last week.

First I’m going to start out with the cutest picture…
You might remember that my son Buck adopted one of my rescue dogs, Spot. Here he is being loved on my Lucy and Lilly. Look how nicely they are sharing their toys with him. HA!! Luckily Spot isn’t a chewer so everything is safe around him.

Then on Monday, this photo came through with the announcement that Kalissa and Carver had Covid. Do you remember that we were all together last weekend? UGH. HERE is the blog post where I talked about that.

Here over the weekend were Kalissa and her three kids, Kayla and her son, Kelli, and her three kids, and me. Any guesses on who ended up with Covid??

The Messenger group would have periodic messages…now Eli and Georgie have it…

Now Gannon and Anders have it. Now Emmett has it…

Unbelievably, everyone got covid EXCEPT me. There were 11 of us here. 10 caught covid and then Jason, Kelli’s husband got it and Craig, Kalissa’s husband got it too.

I was sure I would get it. I wore a mask to work. I was careful at every appointment I went to. I tested at least once a day but I never got it. I’m to the point now that I’m in the clear.

All three of my girls have had covid in the past. All of them say this was the worst time around. They say feeling like they were hit by a bus is very common.

Fingers crossed I’m not someone who waits two weeks for it to show but so far, I’m in the clear. Luckily, so far, I have yet to get covid.

The Messenger group had other info…
I got a free lunch from a sales rep at work. They brought Panera for us all. Can you believe I’ve never had Panera before??

Karl is growing corn in his garden that can be ground into cornmeal. He was showing some of it off.

Kelli shared this return-to-sender card. She’s just getting it back now. She had sent it to her Aunt Audrey back in February of 2022. It was just getting returned now.

The same day Kayla got two cards back sent to the same Aunt. One was from 2021 and the other from 2022.

Aunt Audrey, if you’re reading this the girls want you to know they didn’t snub you…they just didn’t know about the address change.

Can you believe how HUGE of a bin they must have for items they can’t deliver these are from so long ago?? It must have been a slow day at the post office if they are just getting to these now!! HA!

Kalissa shared this and about 7 more pictures of her new kitchen cabinets. They are currently being made. WOW, they look great!!

I shared all the information from my doctor visits. It’s nice to do that so then everyone can go back and read it or share the info with their family and friends by simply copying and pasting the information I wrote initially in the group.

There was more in the Messenger group but that’s the highlights and items I can share with all of you. Thankfully everyone is on the mend and starting to feel more like their normal selves.

I just love Messenger. It helps all of us stay a little closer together in our busy and ever-changing lives. If you don’t have a Messenger group with your family, I highly recommend getting one.

11 thoughts on “The Family Messenger Group”

  1. So glad to hear you didn’t come down with Covid! I’ve heard from the people close to me that work in the hospital, that this strain is worse than the past ones. Here in Texas, it’s gearing up again with a vengeance. Stay safe!

    1. Covid seems to be tough the 2nd and 3rd time around. Dh and I have had it 3 times. The second was the Worst. Praying everyone is well soon and you don’t get it.
      Will look into group messenger for our family. Seems like a great idea.
      Love and prayers

  2. Panera makes the best macaroni and cheese! And the Greek salad is very good too. So sorry to hear everyone got Covid again. I have had 4 doses of the vaccine and wonder if I can get another? Take care Jo.

  3. Meredith in Cincinnati

    I just had Covid last week. No respiratory symptoms, just very tired. I was fine quickly. Sorry your kiddos are feeling badly, but so glad you missed it. My husband didn’t get it, happily!

  4. Oh my! Sorry they all got covid, and it is going around here in Michigan, too. My niece and her husband both had it, but thought it was their allergies. So thankful you didn’t get it.

  5. I have a weakened immune system so I continue to wear a mask when I am in a store or around people. Sorry that your family (especially the little ones) caught it. Take care.

  6. Susan the Farm Quilter

    Sorry your family was hit with Covid again! I didn’t get the jabs ever, got Covid from my only child who was double vaxxed (back in January 2022). Only felt really awful for less than 24 hours. So glad it skipped you! Love the way the whole family keeps in touch so easily with the group messenger. I do group texts with my kids – means so much because they are so far away.

  7. I have never had Covid either. My 3 kids and their families have. Knock on wood we don’t get . I’m glad yours are all recovering. Hugs,

  8. Wow, so sorry that so many family members got Covid. Grateful that it has skipped on by you. My husband has had it twice but so far, I have not gotten it. We both got the 4 shots and will take the next one when it’s our turn. His symptoms were much less serious after the shots became available. Keep us posted if Karl grinds his own corn and makes something delicious. I look forward to seeing the progress on Kalissa new kitchen

  9. Thank goodness you didn’t get covid! This latest strain seems to be quite rampant. I’m glad the rest of your family are starting to recover.

  10. After 3 years, the hubby and I both came down with Covid at the exact same time this week. No idea where we got it from. We agree it felt like getting hit by a train. Our Dr told us this strain is mostly hitting folks who’ve never had Covid before. I hope it never gets hold of you, Jo.

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