The Family Get Together

I kind of left you all hanging in my blog post from Saturday night.  Did we get together or didn’t we?  Did we get the snow or not??

I woke up to this…

That wasn’t the possible five inches of snow we could have gotten, but this can still make for slippery travel and not fun travel if a person is driving for two hours.

I ended up checking with the kids…we decided that the snow was melting and if they put off travel for a couple hours, it would be melting…and that’s exactly what happened.  That is, except for one exception.  Buck called a bit later and his girls had temps.  It was only 99.7 but we didn’t want anyone else getting sick so Buck and the kids stayed home.

We still managed to have some fun.  So much fun that I didn’t get many pictures taken.

Here is Georgie with some Minnie Mouse sunglasses on.

Being things were kind of “off” and Buck wasn’t coming, we decided to invite family friends over.  We were a crew of 15 and they were a crew of 10.  So we had 25 for supper.  That included lots of kids!

Craig helped with getting pork tenderloins fried up…

It was supposed to be a chance to recognize some family birthdays too.

Some present opening happened.

We all had the biggest chuckle when Kayla’s family gave Gannon Legos.  He was so excited about them.

He wouldn’t stop staring at the box.

He ended up dancing around the house and even did a summersalt in his complete joy over the present.

He continued to carry it everywhere around the house.

At one point he hid under the table because he didn’t want any other kids to get the present.  We finally had to put the present up.  We were meaners and didn’t let him open it and play it but with so many kids at my house, we were sure the pieces would get lost.

Kayla did something fun and the boys’ present was actually scrap booking stuff for Kelli.  It makes total sense as Kelli is recording things about the boys.

While Gannon was flipping out over his Legos, Jasper was busy reading the tractor book that Kelli bought him.

It was about now in the day that our family friends came over and chaos ruled.

Our friends have six kids and we had five kids.  The kids are all in the same age range.  They have 10 grandkids with two on the way.  I have nine grandkids with one on the way.  Not everyone was here but we did have a total of 11 of the grandkids here.  It was totally crazy.

We proposed that sometime this summer we need to get all of their kids and grands and all of mine together and have a big summer party.  That sounds just grand to me.

Kayla and Spencer along with Jasper stayed overnight at my house.  We had a big breakfast together with Kalissa’s family after Carver got home from Sunday School.

A huge shout out to Spencer and Kayla for tackling all the extra dishes that didn’t fit into the dishwasher!!

It was an absolutely chaotic time but I serviously had a wonderful time…we just missed seeing Buck and the kids.

8 thoughts on “The Family Get Together”

  1. Sounds so fun, but oh my, lots of chaos! So fun to see all your little ones. The twins are growing so fast. Georgie is so cute, loved her picture with MM glasses. So glad you were all together.

  2. Beryl in Owatonna

    Sounds like a fun time was had by all!!! Too bad the others couldn’t make it. Hope all are well now. Did Gannon leave his Lego’s at your house or take them home. Summertime sounds like a fun time also!!

    You always have such a good time when everyone is involved. More families should be like yours!

    So glad the snow didn’t leave too much of a mess!

  3. What a fun filled time with family and friends. Hope the whole crew can join in next time and that all stay healthy. Gannon is too cute with his Lego gift.

  4. Jo, your house was filled with love from floor to ceiling! Thanks for giving us a peek into Kramer Chaos. Hope all will be well with Buck and his family.

  5. Jo, you certainly had a good time in the Kramer house. Grandkids make life worth living it seems. I don’t have any directly but I do have a step great grandson who is going through a time when he won’t speak to us when he first gets here and then later thinks it’s fun to go around being a little on the naughty side!!!

    When I first opened your blog post, you made my heart sing. The snowy photograph took me back to the old black and white movies of times gone by. It is so pretty that I am going to print it off and frame it if it is okay with you. It’s such a beautiful snap.

    Thank you for your wonderful blog. Love to you all.
    Linda (UK)

  6. I love family get togethers. It’s about time I scheduled one for us! Thanks for the reminder.
    So happy you all had a great day, even though Buck had to stay home with the girls – hope they’re feeling better and no one gets what they had.
    Love and prayers

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