The Escape Artist

Sunday after church I had every intention of walking Ruby.  I’ll admit, even though I love walking her and she loves to be walked, I haven’t been the best at walking her.  My foot has been acting up and in an effort to try to get it heal I’ve only been walking a couple times a week.  We both miss it but for now, it’s the best I can do.

Well Sunday afternoon I hooked Ruby out on her cable so she could do her business.  Then I got busy doing some cleaning.  I lost track of her forgetting that I had let her outside.  I just kept cleaning.  Then the door bell rang.  That was weird.  We don’t get many unexpected visitors.  Then I realized that Ruby wasn’t barking…Then I remembered that I had let Ruby outside.  OH-oh.  I needed to check on Ruby after I answered the door.

It turns out it was the neighbor kids.  They had found Ruby and were returning her.  She didn’t have a collar on.  I thanked the boys and brought Ruby in.

Then I went outside and on her tie out cable was the “D” ring from her collar.  Then out on the lawn was her collar.  I checked the collar out and saw that it had broken.

Happily it was able to fixed.You can see where I put it back together and sewed it.


I felt bad that Ruby was running about town and frustrated with myself that I didn’t check up on her sooner.


For Ruby’s part…I am guessing she had the time of her life running around the block off leash doing as she pleased.

Needless to say, I ended up no walking her.  I figured she got all the exercise she needed for one day.

6 thoughts on “The Escape Artist”

  1. Yeah…she kinda looks like she’s sorry for getting caught! Glad she’s home safe and sound! Our first beagle was an escape expert! I feel for you!

  2. I just recently started reading your blog, and I’m really enjoying it. Almost like sitting down to visit with a friend. I needed a dessert to bring to a luncheon tomorrow and decided to try your chocolate peanut supreme. I had almost everything on hand except the peanuts And chocolate syrup you used for the top. I did have some Reese’s peanut butter cups so I cut those up and sprinkled them on top. I can’t wait to taste it tomorrow! Glad you got your doggie back!

  3. I love Ruby and she is mess,,, those eyes are just the cutest and she is looking at you like mom, I just wanted to play. She is a lot of comfort to you I know.

  4. Just love your little Ruby and love love love the last picture, it reminds me of our Sally Dog (Doxin), she would lay with her back legs in the same manner. I called them her “Frog Legs”. I loved looking back at your denounced shirt quilts! I have the Majestic Mountain on my bucket list, I just love it.

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