The End of Antiquing

Our antiquing all started a couple years ago.  First it was the epic garage sales we held.  Then it was the antique booth in Harmony, Minnesota.

Kramer and Kalissa were the ones who really wanted to do it.  This was their first day coming to the booth.

Here’s the booth all set up.  He was so crabby about getting his picture taken that day.  I’m so glad he did.

I got roped into doing the antiques with them.

I didn’t mind…it was actually a lot of fun.  WAY better than playing lottery…although much of the same kind of risks.  Can I buy something cheap and hit the jackpot was a game we were always playing.

Kalissa tried the show route along with the booth in Harmony.  Here I was with her at one of the shows….ugh.  We quickly decided the show life was not for us.  On this day it blew so hard, I had to anchor the tent down!  What a day!!

We all had lots of fun with it.  Here was a super garage sale day for us.  That’s Kalissa being all fancy and elegant in the back of the pickup on her sette…..

We had LOTS of great memories….Kalissa sewing pillows….

I’m still impressed my non-sew-er girl made them…and MORE!

We learned so much about fixing and repurposing.  Everyone in the family got roped into helping.

The last Sunday in July was the last day for us.  It was really very bittersweet.  We aren’t the same people we were when we started.  We will likely never buy anything at an antique shop.  We know how high the markup is.

It took us one pickup to set up the booth…it took two to take everything down.  Kalissa and Kramer outgrew their booths so they both ended up having one in the end.  Here’s Kalissa’s truck ready to load….
…and here’s mine.
Here is Kalissa with an empty booth cleaning out the last things.

We both didn’t know if we should laugh, smile or cry.  To be truthful, we did a little of it all.  We so missed Kramer.  He was so good at knowing how to load furniture.  He was so good with ratchet straps.  We both knew if he was still here we likely wouldn’t have quit the booth.  For me, it’s just too much to keep the booth.  I can’t do it all myself.  For Kalissa, it just wasn’t the same without her Dad.  Who knows…maybe we’ll do it again someday but for now…it wasn’t right.

So will you see us at auctions…likely.  We still like old stuff.  We still like repurposing.  We still like the hunt.  I’m a little excited though as now when I do to auctions, I can focus on the “one piece” I really want for myself.  I can pay the higher price because I won’t be trying to fill an antique booth with pieces to sell.  I’ll just be finding something for me.  That will be great!!

Let’s just hope I can resist the temptation of not buying things just because they are going for a “steal”.  I have a bad habit of that…I guess we could always do another epic garage sale.  If I end up doing that, I’ll be circling right around back to what started this all…that EPIC garage sale.

9 thoughts on “The End of Antiquing”

  1. These changes are all a big part of life. We did heavy duty buying at garage sales and such for an ebay selling habit. It was fun, kept my hubby busy, and gave us something to do together while it lasted. Market changed, we got older, and for many other reasons it was not as much fun so we stopped.

    But it left us with such great memories. Finding that unique Green Hornet juice glass, the handmade quilts no one in the family wanted, and the people we met.

    The memories will always be with you and they were such good ones.

  2. Judith Fairchild

    I understand your stopping antiquing for now, but some bugs (habits and joys) are strong. One of these days you’ll hit a thrift store or garage sale and then “oh oh I’m falling in love again”

  3. I loved following all of you along to auctions, yard sales etc to fill those booths. You have such a great way of displaying it all and I must admit I love antique shopping but I buy so little these days. I’m sorry to see it end but I totally understand that some of love has left……wishing you some happy days.

  4. In July I closed my antique booth too after 4.5 years. Like you I’m not the same person I was 5 years ago when I began dealing in antiques and collectibles. But I do enjoy the hunt more now that I know whatever pieces I buy are for our home.

  5. I get most of my things at my favorite shopping place, the boulevard. So many people get rid of the best things. I have furnished my house and them some with the free things I find. It is more fun than shopping for me.

  6. so every evening after supper dished I sit in front of my computer to read your blog,sso tonight I sit clean my galsses and notice we have the same eyeglass frames….I get so many compliments with them hope you do too……………love ZENNIEs

  7. Loved all the photos. Such precious father/daughter memories Kramer and Kalissa made. So glad there were pics.

  8. Donna Pheneger

    Change can be so hard, no matter how large or small. My bet is you’ll find something to replace it with or enlarge something you already do.
    Love and prayers

  9. That cat! I love it. Do you still have it? It reminds me of the ceramic cat my husband’s Oma had. It got passed down to my mother in law and last summer i broke it. I feel so bad still. She was very gracious about it. I would love to replace it. I think I still have the drawings my son’s made of that cat once when they went to visit many many moons ago.

    Still for sale?

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