The Electricians are FINISHED!!

Well the electricians are gone.  Done.  We no longer need to wait for anything in regards to the electrical.  YA-HOO!!!!

On Friday Hubby and I were talking saying that we better start bugging the electricians to come back.  We had a couple things here that needed attention.  Our doorbell wasn’t installed.  The recessed lights on the front porch needed attention.  There was also a smoke detector that needed to go in the basement.  The main thing we wanted done though was the air conditioner put it.’s not hot yet and no we don’t need it yet, but we were worried that if we didn’t get on the list, we might never get on the list.  We waited so long for everything last year, we don’t want to get way far down the list.

We were completely and totally shocked to get a phone call on Tuesday morning saying they would be here shortly.

The childcare kids had another day of watching workers and listening to sounds of people in the basement and not knowing what they were doing.  It was a bit of a challenge but Tuesdays are slow days here so that made it a little easier.


Of course they installed the air conditioner in the morning and choose the afternoon during nap time to install the door bell chime which is in the living room where nap time happens.  Of course the bell sound needed to be tested too.    As the electrician was on the ladder my little 3 year old said to him, “Hey man.  Don’t you know it’s quiet time now?”  I just busted out laughing and laughing!  The electrician was just as shocked as I was.  My three year old is a spit fire and I just love her.  She told him exactly what I was thinking.  Don’t you just love kids for their honesty??  I sure do!

In the picture Hubby’s working on another project.  I’ll have to tell you about that tomorrow…But look at that air conditioner!!  It’s all installed.

Well at about  4:00 the electricians left.  I was so happy to see them come but even happier to see them go.  This was their last stop here for a LONG time I hope.  We still have a couple things for the carpenters and a work for the cement guys.  I can’t wait for this all to come to an end.

4 thoughts on “The Electricians are FINISHED!!”

  1. Love the three year old’s comment. They do say the earnest things. You will be so glad the AC is in. You are near the finish line. Hurray!

  2. Phyllis in Minnesota

    Will the day arrive when we’ll see a picture of you and hubby sitting on your front porch in the red chairs with you feet up…………..and nothing to do?? Inquiring minds want to know.

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