The Dud is GONE!!!

Back in October of 2012 I wrote a blog post about us shuffling refrigerators.  We were living at the farm house then.  We had a refrigerator in the garage an it had died.  We debated about what to purchase.  We ended up getting a new refrigerator for the kitchen and took the older kitchen refrigerator and moved that to the garage.

So once we moved, the garage frig went to the garage and the kitchen frig went to the kitchen.  Well the garage frig died earlier this year and we opted to get a small dorm sized on for the garage and don’t regret that for a second.  It was cheap and does it’s purpose.

We had been plagued with troubles with the kitchen refrigerator from the time we bought it…I swear the thing was a dud.  Twice we had the repair man to the farm and once here in town.  The same problem kept on happening.  The auto defroster just didn’t work right…and try as we might, we never had ice.  Well I shouldn’t say never.  We’d have ice for a few months then it wouldn’t work…then the repair man would come and the cycle would happen again.

Even though Hubby fixed it once and the repair came once in the year that we lived here still we had no ice.  Then last week the thing started making a weird noise.  Hubby was sick of it all and said that’s enough.  He asked me if we could just get a new one.  At this point, I was sick of it too.  He asked me what I wanted….I said same style only that it works.


I don’t care for anything fancy…I don’t care for anything “upgraded”.  I just want simple and works.  I am a fan of freezer on the bottom though.  I don’t need ice in the door or stainless.  Simple is good.

So off Hubby went to town and picked it out.  I never saw it.  Appliance shopping often works that way here.  I want the plain basic and that’s what Hubby buys.  I rarely see the appliances before they are delivered.

$1700 later, we have a refrigerator.  Simple like I like.

It is not the same brand we had before.  I will never by a Whirlpool again….or any other brand Whirlpool makes.  I know that’s bad as they are an Iowa company but that last experience was bad enough.

I am not one to ever buy extended warranties but when the delivery guy brought this one, he said I could purchase one that would cover parts and labor for five years for about $200.  I am thinking we should buy it.  The last refrigerator was bought in 2012 …just over three years ago.  We’d have had that warranty paid off time and time again on the old one and we wouldn’t be buying a new refrigerator now.

Well here’s to a happy-HEALTHY- refrigerator.  I am really appreciating the ice…and the clean look.  Oh I hope this one isn’t a dud too.  It’s hard for me not to be pessimistic about it.

10 thoughts on “The Dud is GONE!!!”

  1. We must have had the same fridge, same brand. Ours only lasted 3 years also and had the same problem with the defroster. We had it repaired a couple of times and it just quit again so ended up getting an LG. Very happy with it so far, we got the warrantee this time because we don’t usually get one either but after the last one only lasting 3 years we went with the 5 year warrantee on this one. We get the basic fridge also, just have the freezer on top. The old fridge ran all the time and was very loud, This one is so quiet.

  2. A new fridge is always appreciated when an old one dies. Just a small comment, your auto-spell has put “frig” which is quite an offensive word. Oops!

  3. For the past 25 years I’ve been a landlord of over 60 apts. All my apartments have Whirlpool / Sears appliances. Whirlpool / Sears appliances are all I own in my own home. Love the brand! Repair parts, though seldom needed, are easy to find in my isolated area of the US.

  4. My daughter had a dud fridge too.
    She had bought a warranty with Lowes, and they gave her the purchase price back after the issues could not be resolved. Hers was a Samsung not Whirlpool.

  5. We got an LG due the amazing efficiency in the use of energy. Our huge mega store said they were the best seller and I love it. Quiet and good use of inside space. I also like the alarm when the door is open too long.

  6. We had a GE that never worked right and only lasted 6 yrs. We feel the same way about them…will never buy that brand again! We bought an LG stove last year and I LOVE it! What a great brand. Hope your fridge is good too.

  7. I anyone else having trouble with a large black banner that blocks half of the page asking you to Subscribe? I can’t find the close button on it.

  8. I feel your pain! Had a front loader whirlpool for 3.5 years – by this last summer I could have bought a new washer with all the fixing. . .I said enough is enough (large family + country living) and bought a new LG. Absolutely love it so far. And it’s so nice to have one that works!

  9. Love, love all my LG appliances. Started with a front loading washer/dryer. Then when we built our new house I insisted on LG appliances (frig, double oven, microwave and dishwasher). I have carried over my love to LG tvs also. More costly – yes. But so far (knock on wood) they have been dependable. Good choice, Jo!!! Oh wait – credit goes to Jo’s hubby for being smart!!

  10. I totally agree with you about Whirlpool. We have always bought that brand but after the experience I am having with my stove I will never buy them again. Fortunately for us my husband can fix it at about $100 each time) but I cannot use the self cleaning cycle on the oven or use it over 400 degrees or the oven keypad will burn out. It is a very bad design that whirlpool must have realized and known about but when I looked online people that contacted them about the issue said that they were told appliances were not built to last that long anymore. So I am done with Whirlpool and will be going with another brand when I replace any appliances.

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