The Driveway…Smiley Face, Sad Face.

Hubby and I have been talking a bit about improving the driveway.  As much as we’d like to cement it all out, we simply can’t afford that right now.  We got an estimate on it.  Can you believe almost $8000?  That surprised me.  I had no idea it would be that much.

Over the last year and half that we’ve lived here the gravel has settled.  We get so much traffic with the childcare parents in and out..and our own kids.  It’s wore a path and it would get muddy.  It needed improvements.

We talked about it and decided a couple loads of gravel would be a lot better than the higher price of cement.

One day when I was recouping a dump truck showed up and I figured Hubby must have called to have it delivered.

The pile sat for a week or two waiting for a day with no rain and a day that he had some free time.  In the meantime the childcare kiddos had a blast playing on it.


Finally he found a day that worked.


The whole process is harder than it looks.  It’s not all skid loader work…it’s hand and shovel work too!


Everything went along splendidly until it didn’t.


See?Hubby was backing up the skid loader and got too close to the garage.  Oops!


At the time I was in the house writing a blog post…Ruby was in her kennel.  I heard a crash.  I tried to see what had happened but with my scooter it’s hard to see….then Hubby showed me.  UGH.

I wasn’t a drop mad.  Accidents happen.  He however was really disappointed in himself….

I took a picture of it and sent it to the kids.  I really laughed when Kalissa wrote back, “That is one of those things that I’m glad Dad did and no one else did!”  Isn’t that the truth!!

He’s got it fixed enough that we can used the door.  We will have to get the panels of the door replaced…four of them.  I am hoping that the panels are still in style.  It’s really going to stink if we can’t find matching ones!!

So smiley face that the driveway is fixed.  Sad face about the damaged garage door.

8 thoughts on “The Driveway…Smiley Face, Sad Face.”

  1. Totally understand Kalissa’s comment. We have nice puncture holes in our brand new machine shed exactly the size of skid steer forks. Husband was unloading hay and punched right through the side. Now I have a “card up my sleeve” if I ever do something like that.

  2. Bummer on the door but stuff like that happens to everyone, glad no one was hurt. Wow, that is a lot of $ for a driveway, I think I would choose gravel also. He did a nice job spreading all that gravel, looks great

  3. Hubby did a nice job spreading all that gravel. As for the doors…….those things happen. It can be fixed so it’s not the end of everything. With all the rain we’ve had I’m not surprised you needed more gravel.

  4. Oh dear, yes accidents do happen. A few years ago, I had a kitchen refit. The last day of work was putting in the lovely work tops. Not ten minutes after the workmen left, hubby was washing out a glass storage jar and dropped it! It hit the edge of the work top and chipped a small piece out of the edge. Because it’s like compressed glass, where the chip was, the light caught it so it was like looking at light shining on a diamond. It just drew your eyes to it. Luckily, when we got the workmen back in they filed it back so you don’t notice it quite so much (it’s probably only me that notices it anyway).

    There’s no point in screeching like a fish wife is there. We all do have accidents just some bigger than others. No one was hurt at your place so that’s a blessing.

    Love your blog and hearing how your life progresses with the family. Thank you.

  5. Hey, if you can’t find the panels to match….then paint a quilt on the whole darn thing, you’re very creative. At least you can still use the door & don’t have to get a new one for now. lol

  6. Oh, no! Hope they still make the same panels.

    Your hubby did a great job, the drive looks nice and level. Wonder if you could have the drive paved in sections as you have the cash? Concrete has those expansion joints, so it might not be noticeable if it was poured 1/4 at a time. Anyway, it looks great for now.

  7. I had to laugh at Kalissa’s remark as I said that recently to my husband about something. Anyway the driveway turned out nice and you should be able to get the panels still.

  8. I hate it when you hear a crash when your husband is working on equipment. Lucky he’s ok.

    We finally bit the bullet and had our driveway blacktopped after 10 years in our house. The rain would wash out the driveway and it was hard to throw snow I the winter. Last winter was great….an additional benefit is the snow melts better and you don’t have to do anything! It was $5000, but when it’s so much to add gravel and grade it, we decided to take the plunge. We love it now, so I hope that you are able to do yours some day.

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