The Double Wedding Ring Quilt Along

**We gathered all of the Double Wedding Ring posts in one page.  If you want to review a past step or start your own quilt you can all of the posts here.**

For now, the Whatever Wednesday posts are going away.  In place I am going to be sharing with you a Double Wedding Ring Quilt Along.  I made this back in early 2014 for Kelli and Jason as their wedding quilt.  After the wedding Kelli and I submitted it to American Patchwork and Quilting.


It was featured in the June 2018 issue four years after I made it!  You can find back issues of the magazine here if you want one.

People had asked me for a quilt along so they could make one…I had said yes….and then life got busy.  I was hoping to start in June but here we are in July just starting.

I’ll be posting about the quilt on Wednesday’s of each week.  I’ll put in a linky in case anyone else is quilting along and wants to share.  I don’t want this so be super regimented…that for me is no fun so some weeks I might not get anything sewn on this….Life is more important than quilts!!


If you’ve studied double wedding quilts you might know that they come in all sorts of sizes and coloring.  Traditional is white where I have blue with scrappy rings…but now days, there is no normal when it comes to double wedding ring quilts.

This is another double wedding ring quilt I made.  This was for our son Buck and his now ex-wife Jen.  Notice that the centers are a variety of navy blue colors.  Notice that the rings are patterned.  There is a gold/cream pattern happening.


In Buck’s quilt the pieces are all MUCH larger.  This one was made using Marti Mitchell’s templates. This would mean less sewing and getting done quicker.

Marti Michell Double Wedding Ring Template

If you want to quilt along, you are welcome to use whatever pattern you want.  You can use whatever colors you want.  There are no rules here!!

I am using the templates that I had made when I made Kelli’s quilt.  The pattern for them is found in the insert of the magazine.  I took my pattern pieces to the mobile glass store and had them cut templates from plexi-glass for me.  If you do this, make sure to ask for 1/8″ plexi-glass.  You can have the holes drilled in the corners is you like.  I did but later didn’t end up using them anyway.

The other thing you need to be successful in your cutting is a small 28mm rotary cutter.  This sneaks around those curves so much nicer than the large rotary cutter.  I highly recommend it. Of course, if you don’t want templates made, you can use paper and pins….it’s all up to you and your budget.

I had a box of leftovers from Kelli’s quilt so I decided to make another quilt that will be pretty much the same.  This girl, Kelli, was home and I was trying to get her to keep her foot up so I gave her the task of counting pieces.

Here’s what I have.

This gives me a little jump start but that’s okay.  It’s a big job to try to stay ahead of all of you.

So assignment for you….
-decide on your pattern size
-make templates (optional)
-pick your fabrics
-get a 28mm small rotary cutter (optional)

Next week I’ll start in on giving you some tips on cutting….There are wasteful ways to cut and some not so wasteful.  Stay tuned.

17 thoughts on “The Double Wedding Ring Quilt Along”

  1. Sew excited about this Quilt Along! I have the magazine, the 28mm cutter and a spare blade…..woot, woot. I have to decide what I want for fabrics. I love the scrappy,dark blues idea. Thanks Jo, for doing this with us.

  2. Carol and Jo, I’ve got and used that ruler for several projects. They have a couple of patterns available that are wedding ring lookalikes. That’s what I’m planning on doing.

  3. Carol, I have that ruler, but have not used it. In my pattern research, I did see something like a DWR. Google it. I’m on a tablet and not adept enough to paste a link for you.

  4. What a fun sew along, I shall follow and enjoy reading about everyone progress but I wont be able to join in, to many other projects to finish up

  5. I’m pretty sure I have this magazine as well but I also have the templates from Quilt in a Day for a DWR. Hoping they will work.

  6. I’m a newbie and think this might be a little beyond my ability right now, but will keep the info for later. I have always loved Double Wedding Ring quilts and the photos of your are wonderful.

  7. What a great idea! Way back when you started making Double Wedding Ring quilts and blogging about them, I was inspired by yours – LOVED the dark blue backgrounds, and decided that if I ever made a DWR quilt, I’d want it to have a dark blue background. Ages ago, I started a DWR quilt (with a blue background), and never finished it. So, I’m going to try to quilt along (even though my quilt is half-done and a little different), and see if I can get it finished. Thank you for the inspiration!

  8. I know the Double Wedding Ring QA is an older post. But, I came across it today, and read through the instructions. I attempted to a DWR quilt, way back when I was a very beginning quilter…it ended up being a 1 ring wall hanging. After reading through your QA tutorial, I feel like I could attempt to try another. The last two instructions, Making Outer Row & Connecting Rows, don’t have a link. Is it possible to give me the links, or are they posted elsewhere? I am hoping you see this and respond, since it is an older post. I read your blog every day, and LOVE it!!

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