The Deviled Egg Diboccal

You might remember I said that I made a bunch of deviled eggs for the church fundraiser dinner.

I like making deviled eggs and typically have much success with it. Not so much this time.

Boiling the eggs went great. I use the Instant Pot for that and it’s great every time.

Peeling the eggs went great. Making the yolks went great. What didn’t go great…filling the eggs. I felt like I was Lucy in the I Love Lucy show where she was eating the chocolates. Nothing was going right for me.

I made the yolk mixture and put it in a ziplock bag. I clipped the corner and was going to squeeze the yolk into the whites.

UGH. I had grabbed a bag with a square bottom. Oh no! Now the hole was too big. I knew moving all of the yolk mixture to a new bag would be a nightmare so I worked the yolk mixture to one side cut a hole along the side and tried squirting it out that hole. That went okay for a bit but then I lost where the hole was, tried to move the yolk mix around, and squeezed a bunch onto my hand and the outside of the bag. Oh my word. What a mess.

I ended up having to use a scrapper. You can imagine was a problem that was!!

The eggs got finished. I didn’t say a cuss word but sure was tempted too.

So lesson of the day. If you are making deviled eggs, make sure NOT to use a square bottom stand up bag!!

14 thoughts on “The Deviled Egg Diboccal”

  1. I hardly ever make deviled eggs even though I really like them. When I do make them I only make a small amount so just use a spoon or fork to fill them. I’m sure the end product tasted yummy and that is what counts.

  2. Isn’t that many times the case when you’re making something to give away. I appreciate the tip for the square bottom bags. I’m sure your eggs were a hit anyway!

  3. Thank you for sharing this tip. I’ll always check for square bottoms from now on. Let Please provide the recipe.

  4. If you sprinkle paprika on the eggs, it dresses them up, tastes wonderful, and looks terrific regardless of the filling. Kind of like putting powdered sugar on brownies that are less than perfect tops.

  5. This is what I usually make for potlucks, etc. Someone here asked method in instant pot. Put 1 cup water and rack in inner pot then add eggs. I don’t think it matters how many, I often do 15. Set “manual/high pressure” for 5 minutes. When timer is done, let steam go down naturally for another 5 minutes (stay near to monitor this). Now release pressure quickly. Use tongs to remove eggs and put in refrigerator. It’s called 5-5-5 method because the last 5 minutes is an ice water bath but I just put them in the refrigerator instead. They peel perfect.
    I bought a Pampered Chef cake decorator gun on a garage sale ($1.00) so I use it for filling the whites. It does a professional job. Shake on paprika or finely chopped green onion for garnish. Everything Bagel Seasoning looks good too.

  6. Jo, I lie to know your yolk filling recipe. My one sister-in-law was the one who made the deviled eggs for all our family get togethers. They were delicious. Well, she passed away about 18 months ago and took the recipe to her grave. My brother has been trying every deviled egg recipe he can find. So far he has not been able to duplicate her delicious eggs. My 99 year old mother is the taste tester.

  7. I use a spoon unless I want them to look fancy. In that case I use an icing bag with a star tip. Zipper bags are great in a pinch but I’ve had too many mishaps using them and the icing bag can be washed and reused though a bit messy.

  8. My mom filled the eggs with a small spoon, then lightly pressed a fork in the yolk mixture (like you do with peanut butter cookies) and sprinkled paprika on top.

    Teresa F.

  9. I love deviled eggs! I’m sure yours were tasty and that’s what counts. I put mayo, mustard, salt, pepper, green onion, and a teeny tiny dash of red wine vinegar in my egg yolks. They’re wonderful little things!

  10. I always use one of the small cookie scoops with the flipper on the side to scrape the goo into the egg. Works great for me and usually just the right amount to fill each egg.

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